Welcome to G9 Sports!

This is it — the launch day for G9 Sports! Aaron Miles’ Fastball is the Cardinals site on the G9 network. You can find the new site at www.aaronmilesfastball.com. Please bookmark the site, continue to read and support and comment as we make our way through these remaining days until spring training finally begins and the 2011 season gets under way.

Be sure to check out the toolbar across the top, where you’ll find links to the other G9 sites covering MLB, the NFL, NHL, NBA and more. There are sites for so many teams, with many more still to come, and all are created by intelligent and passionate women who want to share the love of their teams and sports. Blues fans, don’t miss You’re My Boys, Blues from Ann Warner. And though it’s a Cubs site, A League of Her Own (created by G9 founder Julie DiCaro) is great — I love her approach and the loyal and interactive community she has. Besides, we need to keep tabs on the enemy, right? Once you register for G9 (on the sidebar, at the top) you can post on Aaron Miles’ Fastball as well as any of the G9 sites.

Thanks for your support here, especially those who have subscribed and commented. (For now, there are not subscriptions for the G9 Aaron Miles’ Fastball — should be coming soon). See you on the new site!

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