Cardinal love letters — Feb. 3

Dear Jaime,

Belated congratulations on your 2010 season! I love the way you pitch, and I hope you have just as good of a season this year as you did then. Are you keeping yourself healthy? You looked good in the pictures from the Winter Warm-Up, so my guess is yes. How’s that elbow feel?

You know, I light a candle every night for your continued good health. I hope you’re not creeped out by that. But you were such a big part of the rotation and can continue to do great things in the season ahead.

Oh, wait a minute. I used to light candles for Mark Mulder too. Maybe I should stop.

2 thoughts on “Cardinal love letters — Feb. 3

  1. If I lit a candle for every Cardinals player I hoped stayed healthy, my house would look like the inside of a Catholic Church during Advent.

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