Why I’m a Cardinals fan — stories from the fans

Twitter is amazing. Without it, I wouldn’t be writing for G9 Sports nor would I know a wide range of Cardinals fans from all throughout the country — dedicated, passionate fans with whom to share the ups and the downs of our favorite team.

Seeing the tweets from such a wide range of fans had me wondering about why we are all Cardinals fans anyway. So, in honor of G9 Sports and our sites being run by women, I asked some of the female fans I’m connected with on Twitter for their stories — and received some great ones.

Here’s part one of “Why I’m a Cardinals fan.” (Thanks, girls, for sharing your stories!) Look for part two tomorrow.

L.S. Murphy

I grew up in a baseball household. My mother is a Reds fan, mainly because of a massive crush on Johnny Bench, and my father a lifelong Cardinals fan. When I was younger, my older brothers and I would play baseball in the front yard, mimicking the games we heard on the radio or were lucky enough to watch on TV. For some reason, I was always stuck running the bases while they hit and fielded the ball. Our neighbors would join in and sometimes I would get to play the “outfield,” which was a corn field across the dirt road  that was so dusty we’d usually lose the balls. I wanted to play that game forever. It was those afternoon games that made me fall in love with baseball, even if I wasn’t allowed to it.

One of my earliest memories is of a Cards game. I don’t remember how old I was and I can’t remember who the Cards played or the outcome, but I remember being in Busch Stadium II in the terrace reserve with my father. We watched Auggie come in from the outfield being pulled by the majestic Clydesdales. Dad made sure I watched Ozzie as he ran onto the field and flipped into my heart. It was special. My earliest memory is of that game with my father. I’m fairly sure that my mom and my brothers and sister were there too, but I only remember my dad.

That opening day game, which was a real vacation for us since St. Louis was a three hour trip from home, cemented the Cardinals in my heart as my team. I stuck with them through the crappy ’90s team, through the strike and the steroid era, and I’ll stick by them even if they let Albert slip away to free agency. The tradition, the honor of the St. Louis Cardinals has dug out a special little home in my heart that will never be replaced by another team. No other team could even measure up.

Ragen Pry

Being a StL Cardinals fan is all I’ve known! My parents both like them, so I was a born fan. No “bandwagon” fan like I’ve been accused. My mom told me the other day that her dad was a Cardinals fan (my grandpa would listen to them on the radio no matter how staticy it was) and dad’s dad was a Cubs fan (because, living in Tulsa, that’s who was on tv the most). Thank goodness my parents didn’t choose the dark side ;).

Mary Schless
I’ve been a Cardinals fan ever since I can remember. My grandfather played and coached for the Cardinals, so it was almost a given that I would be a Cardinals fan. I think it’s the tradition that keeps me as a fan. I love the atmosphere, because the fans always support the team no matter what. I loved when Ozzie would do back flips on the field or the home run race with Mark McGwire. I also had the great pleasure to work for the Cardinals for a season. I loved talking to the fans about the games and helping them get great seats to the game they love so much.

When you wear a birds on the bat tattoo, there is one question you are asked the most. (Yes, it did hurt, but that’s not the question, believe it or not) “Why are you a Cardinals fan?!?!” is the question I’m asked the most. OK, OK, that question is probably asked the most because I live in NYC and have the audacity not to hope for 28. (I didn’t hope for 23 – 27 but they came anyway.)

As many times as I’ve been asked this question I can never come up with a defining moment. I was born and raised in St. Louis, Mo., is what I usually say. Anybody FROM St. Louis, Mo., knows excatly what I mean. To St. Louisians, the St. Louis Cardinals are like that family who happened to have a kid in every class you ever had, from pre-school to college. Every generation of Cards fans went to school with one of the brothers — Rogers Hornsby, Dizzy Dean, Stan Musial, Bob Gibson, Ozzie Smith or Albert Pujols. They are who brought us together. They are who made us feel more like a town and less of a city. A town of 3 million fans who went to school with a St. Louis Cardinal.

Why am a St. Louis Cardinals fan? I’m a St. Louis Cardinals fan because they are home. I’m a St. Louis Cardinals fan because they remind me of everything that made me me. I’m a St. Louis Cardinals fan because I’m from St. Louis, Mo.

Tara Wellman

Being a Cardinals fan has always seemed as natural to me as breathing. Growing up with a St.Louis born-and-raised dad tends to have that influence! In fact, in some of my earliest baby pictures, I’m drowning in my very first Cards hat. So what if it was 5 sizes too big? I watched game after game with my dad, year after year, winning and losing with the team, until eventually, my own passion out grew even my dad’s! Don’t get me wrong, we still watch a lot of games together. But now, instead of me asking him what’s new with the Cardinals, he asks me.

I’ll never forget watching the 2006 post season with him. Never will I forget the two of us, standing less than two feet from the television, just waiting for the moment when, with a final Adam Wainwright strike out, we’d win the World Series. That, of course, happened. We shouted, jumped around, hugged, then realized how late it was and decided to try not to wake the rest of the family!

Every year, we look forward to Spring Training. Every year, we do our own analysis of the line up, making predictions along the way. And now that we live in “Cubs country,” every year we battle it out with our Chicago-loving friends. (We always have the upper hand, of course, but we try not to make it too painful!!

Baseball, for me, started as a thing to do with my dad. Now, it’s a thing I love … because of my dad!

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