Cardinals Lose, 11-3

I know it’s still early… but OH MY GOODNESS! Are we ever going to win a game?

In the second game of the season, the Cards got off to a good start in the first inning with a 2-0 lead. After tying it up, Albert Pujols got a homer to take a 3-2 lead. And, then things went down hill.

It’s hard to imagine things going down hill after an Albert homer… but sure enough. Here is a game story by’s Matthew Leach.

As Chris mentioned earlier, things can only get better from here… but that needs to get here soon!

OK, it’s good, bad ugly time kiddos!


* Albert got his first homer of the season! Here’s a story about him celebrating his first decade in the majors!

* Allen Craig muscling out that hit to drive in two runs in the first.

* The Cards hope to avoid putting Holliday on the DL.

….Yeah, sorry that’s about it!


* Ryan Theriot’s need to be stylish and bare hand catches. It didn’t work for you. Stop it now. Play smart baseball. That’s why you have that Birds on the Bat uniform!

Cards lose to Padres 11-3

And before you all say Brendan would have made that play… NO. I will cut you off now. He had issues with trying to make cute plays that ended poorly. Now… Royce Clayton. Royce Clayton would have made that play. (And Ozzie, yes, Ozzie would have!)

* Bringing Motte in the bottom of the sixth, only for him to make matters worse. That is all for that matter…

* Oh and did you hear? The hate between the Cardinals and the Reds got a little more spicy! Check this out!

* The team’s overall play. That was VERY ugly. This team isn’t “Playing Like Cardinals.” I personally want my team back. WHERE ARE YOU? Berkman believes. We should too!

* Jake Westbook. I know he can pitch better and maybe it is just nerves. But an 0-1 start and a 16.62 ERA? NOT GOOD!

Miranda covers Cardinals baseball for Aaron Miles Fastball. Follow her on the Twitter, @missmiranda

1 thought on “Cardinals Lose, 11-3

  1. Great post, awful game. I was yelling at the radio when TLR brought Motte in. Then I was just yelling at the radio.

    Hi from all of us at Pujols 5!

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