A 6-4 Road Trip, Instead of 9-1

Of course the hot hitting was going to end at some point. That’s not the surprise. And, despite striking out against Chad Billingsley 11 times and with Matt Holliday getting the only three hits off him, the Cards still battled against Jonathan Broxton in the top of the ninth to take a 1-0 lead.

Which, of course, meant that someone had to come in to pitch the bottom of the ninth.

With Andre Ethier leading off, lefty Trever Miller came in to face him. Ethier promptly doubled to extend his hitting streak. Which meant in came Ryan Franklin to face Matt Kemp, the NL’s best hitter right now.

Obviously, Franky has struggled. He blew a save on Opening Day plus back-to-back saves last weekend, and this was his first save situation since last Saturday. The result? Same as before. Kemp launched a homer to center. Game over, Dodgers win 2-1. Blown save No. 4, out of 5 opportunities.

Seems quite obvious that Franklin needs to be replaced as closer. Whether he will be or not, that’s the question that none of us as fans can answer — only Tony La Russa can. There’s certainly a more-than-capable candidate to replace Franklin in Mitchell Boggs. But, as I said, we don’t know if the change that we think should take place will actually come to fruition.

So, thus ends a 6-4 road trip — which is still a good trip. But it’s unbelievably disappointing when you realize that it should have been a 9-1 trip instead.

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