Another Cards Winner – And Another Nine Runs

Four in a row!

The Cardinals have a couple of streaks that continued tonight. First, they now have a four-game winning streak that gives them a winning record for the first time in 2011, 8-7.

Second, the streak of 8+ runs scored per game is now at six with tonight’s 9-2 final score. Last time that happened? Sept. 9-15, 1922.

Sadly the streak of 14+ hits per game ended, but just barely. They only had 13 hits, including another homer by the right fielder — who tonight was Allen Craig.

Kyle McClellan has a winning streak also, earning his second straight win.

And Eduardo Sanchez was impressive in his second major league appearance, with three more strikeouts tonight (and eight total in three innings).

It was an eventful night, and even included an appearance by Miguel Batista! But it’s late (and thankfully the last late-night Cards game until late May) so look for more later today — including a Poem for The Poet.

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