Kyle Lohse Fan Club? Sign Me Up!

Kyle Lohse is doing REALLY well this season.

And that is an understatement. I know!

Lohse pitched a complete-game, two-hit shutout!

Dan and Al called this his April Domination. But, this will probably last a little longer than April! It has too… this doesn’t look like a fluke to me! I am impressed! Today he pitched a complete-game, two-hit shut out! He had six strikeouts.

I may have to join his fan club. Is there one? Comment below if there happens to be one so we can pass on the information!

So the Nationals were shut out… this of course means, the Cards scored at least one run. Let’s try 5! That’s right the Cards won 5-0! I think the offensive drought is being quenched!

Cards 5, Nationals 0

Matt Holliday started it off with a two-run blast in the first inning after the Nationals walked Albert. That was Matt’s second homer of the season.


Speaking of Albert. How about his two-run homer in the eighth! This is his 6th homer. And to think… we thought there might be something wrong or that he was thinking too much about the contract he could get this off-season. Maybe we should stop speculating about Albert and just let him be!

The final run came as David Freese hit, which allowed Holliday to score again in the eighth.

Some post game thoughts:

I still have a concern with our hitters. Maybe Big Mac can help with this… But, umm, TAKE A PITCH GUYS!!! It doesn’t hurt… you see how they are pitching, up close and personal. Stop swinging for the fences, trying to be the big hero. When you whiff or ground out or fly out … he makes you look like a chump. I don’t like my Cardinals looking like that. STOP IT! Yadi is possibly the worst offender. I would think Albert would have talked with him about this…

I know our “Youth over Experience” fans are probably quite upset and will blow a gasket when they read this, but I am loving the new double play combination of Theriot, Punto and Pujols. (Tooty, Pooty and Pujols?!) Umm… yeah! Either way, it’s real scrappy and I like scrappy! Descalso will get playing time. Don’t fret!

This is a good win heading into this weekend’s series. If you haven’t heard, the Reds are coming to town!

Miranda covers Cardinal baseball for Aaron Miles’ Fastball! Follow her on the Twitter @missmiranda

4 thoughts on “Kyle Lohse Fan Club? Sign Me Up!

  1. I think Bob is leading the Lohse Fan Club — and I think I joined even before the season began. He does have the Lohse-O-Meter on his site!

    Just noticed the Cards have scored 5 runs three games in a row — or 15 runs total in the last 24 hours, to put it another way.

  2. Um, I’m straight up captaining the Daniel Descalso fan club. Just saying.

    Also just saying? Lohse hasn’t convinced me yet (neither has LB for that matter).

    Call it pessimism, but I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop. I’m used to it. I’m a Blues fan.

    • Whatever is in between unicorns/rainbows and doom/gloom is where I am most of the time. But I love watching good pitching, and that’s all Lohse has had since spring training. So I’m a believer. As for LB, well, I’m probably more unicorns/rainbows about him. So it goes.

      Why are we all so fan club happy this season? You can be in change of the Descalso club! I will consider joining that one as well … provided I can keep up with all these club duties.

  3. I will be more than happy to join the Descalso fan club!! But I think you will like LB eventually…
    Just remember… we cheer for the Cardinals. Not the Cubs!! 🙂

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