Reds Rivalry? Brandon Phillips? Who Cares!

I have a question for my fellow Cardinal fans who have been watching this weekends series with the Cincinnati Reds.

Do you even care about this Cards-Reds rivalry anymore?

Let me tell you all something: I don’t care!

That’s Right Red Fan! Brandon Phillips! Don’t Care!

It started while perusing Twitter Friday afternoon. Complaints from Reds fans that the Cards and their fan base were too “complainy.” The arguments were lame and it seemed as though they were reflecting their insecurities on to the Cardinals base.


Then the game Friday. Brandon Phillips. In case you have been under a rock, he is the fellow who called the Cards a bunch of “lil’ bitches” last season provoking the brawl that left Johnny Cueto kicking off opposing players like a jack rabbit!

Well, BP got a weak boo from the crowd as he was introduced for his first at-bat. I felt disgusted. First off, this guy is an attention whore. STOP GIVING HIM WHAT HE WANTS! I found it funny that the rain started shortly thereafter and many fans headed for cover. As if they were running from his horrid play!

Meanwhile, during the Fox Sports Midwest broadcast, Rick and Al were going on and on and on about last season’s brawl and how BP is just a good guy, having fun. What the hell! The fact that our announcers are down playing this makes our fan base look like a bunch of petty jerk-wads!

It gets better…

During the rain delay… guess which game and situation gets discussed during the Fox Sports Midwest 2010 Cardinal Classics! Yup, the brawl game! Between Twitter, Al and Rick… I was sick of Brandon Phillips, talk of the brawl and everything. It was no longer something fun to discuss or get riled up about. NOT FUN! It was more like something I want to scream about!

The game restarted. The Cards were on their way to a win. Rick and Al were extremely hyper and talkative, and continuing to tell us how we should feel about the Reds and Brandon Phillips.

Then, Brandon Phillips goes and hits a homer into the bullpen. Somehow the ball gets tossed to a fan who in turn throws the ball to the field.


That’s right, a Cardinal fan threw a ball on to the field like we were a bunch of Cub fans at Wrigley!

Cardinal fans do not do this kind of shenanigans. We just don’t! Not only is it plain stupid because someone could get hurt, but it gets you escorted out of the ballpark!

Saturday’s game didn’t get much better. The game was the Fox game of the week. The Boo-birds were out again for not only BP but Ryan Franklin and the situation which brought him into the game. We had to hear Joe Buck and Tim McCarver rehash the situation and if you listened to the radio Ricky was in the booth with John Rooney. There was no break!

The Cards play got them a loss even after a pretty good pitching performance by Chris Carpenter.

The Sunday night ESPN game is the rubber game for the Cards and Reds. We get to hear a new crew talk about the situation. Hear more about Brandon Phillips and his tweets and the Cards fans new propensity for booing and throwing things.

I just hope we can get a win that will not only shut up the talk about Brandon Phillips and the brawl, but shine a better light on a fan base that is definitely better than they have been getting credit for over the last few days.

Our players should play like how they are capable, you know… like a Cardinal.

Our fans should be their normal selves. You know, intelligent baseball fans that do not succumb to the shenanigans of an attention whore, second baseman for a team that thinks they are better than they are really.

Don’t boo BP. He’s just another Reds player coming to the plate. The Reds are just that team we are tied with for first in the NL Central. No big deal!

Yeah right! Let’s just hope for a winner that will shut up BP, the Reds and their fans for a while!

Miranda is the lead St Louis Cardinals correspondent for Aaron Miles’ Fastball. Follow her on Twitter, @missmiranda

2 thoughts on “Reds Rivalry? Brandon Phillips? Who Cares!

  1. You know I’ve been wanting everyone to just ignore him. Complete silence during one of his at-bats — or everyone turning their backs — would be a beautiful thing!

    • Would almost be great if the Post-Dispatch handed out like a dummy copy of the paper for fans to hold up to their noses when BP comes to bat….
      It would be fun but lots of work, convincing, etc!

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