That Was Ugly! Cards Lose To ‘Stros 6-5

Despite the best efforts of Lance Berkman to make this a successful homecoming, the Cardinals had a fushi … horrendous ninth inning.

Cards lose a heartbreaker to ‘Stros, 6-5

Going into the bottom of the ninth, the Cardinals were able to break the 4-4 tie as Berkman hit an opposite field double, scoring Matt Holliday to make it 5-4. While we hoped that would be good homecoming heroics, one run wasn’t enough. Mitchell Boggs, who most believe was going to be the Cardinals new closer, had a very Ryan Franklin-esque inning.

Brian Bogusevic singled to start the bottom of the ninth. Michael Bourn then hit a sacrifice bunt and due to a fielding error by Boggs, Bogusevic moved to third. With Angel Sanchez up, Boggs threw a wild pitch that scored Bogusevic to tie it up 5-all.

Sanchez then singled to Berkman and Bourn went to second.

Hunter Pence singled to Berkman. Bourn went to third, Sanchez went to second. Bourn, as the our Fox Sports Midwest crew pointed out, could have scored but didn’t.

Carlos Lee popped out to Pujols.

As Cards fans hoped for a quick double-play, Bill Hall had other hopes.

Hall singled to left field and Bourn finally scored the winning run. The Astros won it 6-5.

A little good, bad and ugly? OK!


– Berkman did his best to make the LBFanClub happy. He had two hits and one RBI. He was left on base three times. Oh wait! That’s bad! He played first base while Albert got some rest and then moved to right field when Pujols was brought in during the late innings to get intentionally walked in front of Colby Rasmus, who ended up popping out in foul territory. Sorry, that was bad too!

– Daniel Descalso. He did GREAT tonight! He had three hits and three RBI. He had two doubles and a triple and walked.

– LB and Descalso helped to break the domination Astros pitcher Bud Norris has had over the Cards!

– I think I discussed that enough …

– But I will add, Jaime Garcia got a no decision. He pitched 5.1 innings, giving up six hits, three earned runs including a homer to Pence in the fourth inning.

– Mitchell Boggs. See above. We are not set on a closer yet, guys!

– Yadier Molina having several flub ups. Molina had a nice pick-off move in the eighth. But in the ninth, he had a passed ball when Bourn was up to bat and Bogusevic moved to second base. Boggs had another wild pitch when Sanchez was up and Bogusevic scored. Molina has had a lot of these flub ups and moves where I would almost say he isn’t hustling enough. I hate to say that, as I do like Molina, but sometimes I get concerned. He will make really great plays and hit lights out … then, next thing you know, he is making first-pitch-hitting ground outs and not moving fast enough to get a passed ball and allowing someone to tie up the game.

I know there are a lot of others you all would like to see me blame for this … Boggs is the No. 1 blame. Boggs was brought in to CLOSE. But Yadier is a team leader. He has to a BAMF all the time. Not when he feels like it.

– Another blame? The Cards were 4-for-17 with runners in scoring position tonight. They had 11 left on base.

Tomorrow is another day. Let’s get back out there and take the rest of this series!

Miranda is the lead St Louis Cardinals correspondent for Aaron Miles’ Fastball. Follow her on Twitter, @missmiranda

4 thoughts on “That Was Ugly! Cards Lose To ‘Stros 6-5

  1. Overlooked by you, but not by me, was another appearance by The Poet. Thus, another poem. Actually, another haiku. Two of them. One for each inning he pitched.

    Poem For The Poet – April 26

    Bases are loaded.
    The Poet into the game.
    There goes Jaime’s lead.

    Bottom of seventh
    Bases loaded again
    No runs score this time.

    • I almost was disappointed, but checked here and saw the Poet poem. Which was good, since I was trying to link to it at the time! 🙂

  2. See! That’s why I didn’t mention The Poet! I knew you would be adding something! LOL! Plus… I was going on a rampage in my “Ugly” section.

    There were lots of ugly in that game!

    But this poem … yup, it sums things up nice!

  3. I thought it was a delightful game! ;D

    And at least Big Puma got a 40 second standing ovation! That’s something.

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