Announcing The Ryan Theriot Fan Club (Yes, Really)

Yep, we mean it

Those of us here at Aaron Miles’ Fastball are very good Cardinals fans. We’re loyal to our team. Steadfast. Dedicated. Smart.

And we’re intelligent enough to know that sometimes, part of that dedication means going above and beyond to be supportive of every single guy on the roster, for the overall good of the team — especially in a potential time of need.

Tonight may be a time of need for our shortstop.

Yes, we know what he’s done in his time as a Cardinal. We don’t like errors and TOOTBLANs either.

Yes, we understand he was trying to be endearing to Cardinals fans when he proclaimed himself “finally on the right side” of the Cubs-Cards rivalry, and that perhaps it wasn’t a smart thing to say.

And, yes, we remember how that was received by his former Cubs teammates back in January. We don’t know if Koyie Hill was serious in saying “there’s probably a decent chance he’s going to feel how hard the dirt is around the home-plate batters’ box,” and we’re a little worried that Carlos Zambrano is starting tonight. We also know that the Chicago media is reminding any Cub fan who perhaps has forgotten about that rivalry quote — so far, we found it here, here, here and here — so we can imagine the kind of reception he’s going to get at Wrigley Field tonight. (The term “Brandon Phillips at Busch” comes to mind.)

So we’re standing up for Ryan. We’re not ashamed to make him our guy. We’ve created the Ryan Theriot Fan Club.

If we were going to be at Wrigley tonight, we’d be proudly wearing our Cardinals shirts and waving posters of the picture above (after having downed plenty of shots at the Cubby Bear). Instead we’ll be scattered throughout Iowa, Illinois and Arkansas, yet together in virtual Twitter spirit ready to show our support.

Let’s go, Theriot!

Ryan, we’re your friends. We’ll be there for you … when the rain starts to pour. We’ll be there for you … like we (haven’t) been there before. We’ll be there for you … ’cause you’re there for us too (we certainly hope). And we will definitely be there for you if those bullies Zambrano and Hill try to start anything. Plus, thankfully, the rest of your teammates will be there for you too — especially Mr. Carpenter.

We are 100 percent behind you, Ryan, and wish you nothing but the best three games you’ve ever played tonight, tomorrow night and Thursday afternoon. We’ll be hoping (and praying) for your success. We ARE your fan club, small and mighty — although we will gladly accept more members.

(And we’re not sure how long we can keep this up, but for now we will do what’s needed.)

Finally, Ryan, a warning in case Zam-Zam reverts to his emotional hothead ways, things get ugly and you find a brawl taking place around you: no kicking.



All our love (for now), support and prayers,
Chris, Emily, Miranda and Tara

7 thoughts on “Announcing The Ryan Theriot Fan Club (Yes, Really)

  1. Two new members of the fan club via Twitter — welcome aboard, Kelly and Stacy! There are six of us now!

  2. We’re going to go don the rabbit hole with the numbers here on tonight’s game:

    Carpenter’s FIP* is 4.26, and his BABIP** is .298, so what he’s put up to date is his real level of ability at this point. He’s a league average pitcher, slightly above replacement value.

    By the way, Zambrano’s FIP is 3.69, below his ERA (any time the FIP is below ERA, you know he’s not catching the breaks; conversely, if FIP is below ERA, he doesn’t deserve the ERA he’s getting) and his BABIP is .269.

    I predict the Cardinals will lose tonight because Zambrano is pitching better than the results show.

    I just threw up in my mouth a little.

    * Fielding Independent Pitching, a formula that distills a pitcher’s strikeouts, walks and home runs and innings pitched to assess his true performance aside from the ability of his defense to catch the ball.

    ** Batting Average on Balls in Play. Around .300 or so is the league average.

    • It’s good to know the numbers, and I definitely am trying to learn more about these two stats in particular, but it still comes down to one thing: the game played on the field.

      I’m sure the numbers last week pointed to Josh Johnson beating Jake Westbrook.

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