Farewell To The Poet

Today’s release of Miguel “The Poet” Batista means the end of our Poems for The Poet. We couldn’t let the occasion pass, however, without penning some final verses for him.

Farewell O Poet, Our Poet

Though words are your tools off the field,
It’s numbers that matter when you’re on.
And those numbers you compiled were not good, not at all.
Which is why you now find yourself gone.

This wasn’t the first time you’ve been released.
And now, at age 40, it might be the last.
Perhaps you gave us one or two moments of entertainment these last months
But the frustration makes us glad your outings are now past.

We know of your guidance to Salas and Sanchez off-the-field this season,
So undoubtedly, in real life, you’re a decent guy.
You’ve even guided us at Aaron Miles’ Fastball, stretching us creatively
But this remains our favorite Cardinal image of you as we say good-bye.


Now it’s Miranda’s turn.

Miranda’s Goodbye to The Poet

Oh Poet, we had such high hope
That you could pitch and not be a dope
Our hope soon waned
When you caused much pain
Giving up run after run
You weren’t much fun
Tuesday was your last for you to play
Cardinals Nation says HOORAY!


Happy trails, dear Poet. (That seems kinder than just saying “good riddance.”)

2 thoughts on “Farewell To The Poet

  1. Not goodbye but so long;
    For in your haste your relief may show
    that what is lost may oft not be found
    The grass may be greener, or not;
    The lost may be found again.
    The sweet may sour in the fog of time and space,
    though not known until the end comes.

  2. In the end, it came to this
    That you weren’t able to give us bliss
    The runs, they came, the outs, too few
    Out of the park the ball sometimes flew
    Tony’s respect was not enough
    And this decision was not so tough
    So now, at last, we say goodbye
    There will be many a dry eye
    Best of luck in what you do next
    Give a call or drop a text
    Just never again don the Cardinal red
    Get that idea clear out of your head
    We’ll miss the poems from Christine and the crew
    But not enough to wish for you
    Good luck, goodbye, and all the rest
    Let’s see if Lynn is up for the test

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