A Trip To See The Memphis Redbirds

Part of my Dad’s Father’s Day gift this year was a trip to see the Memphis Redbirds. We attended Saturday’s game against the Round Rock Express at AutoZone Park in downtown Memphis.

While the Redbirds lost 3-2, it was still a fun time at the ballpark!

I was excited to get to see some of the players who have been brought up by St. Louis during the team’s injury prone first half. Sure enough, I got to see Pete Kozma, Matt Carpenter and Mark Hamilton. I saw Memphis veterans Nick Stavinoha and J. Bryan Anderson. I got to see a great center fielder in Adron Chambers and a homer-hitting left fielder in Aaron Luna.

I also got to see everyone’s favorite Redbird. That’s right! Tyler Greene was the starting shortstop Saturday. Let me share a little something with you … the young man can hit; he had a 12-game hitting streak still going after Saturday’s game. Tyler still cannot do much with runners in scoring position, though, and his defense is still poor. OK, I’ll be honest … it’s AWFUL!

So if the Cardinals need to bring up anyone for middle infield help, I suggest Pete Kozma!

Another thing I noticed about the Cardinals farm team, they suffer from several of the same problems the parent club suffers from. In fact, let me share with you the ninth inning. Matt Carpenter strikes out on a foul tip. J. Bryan Anderson draws a walk. Pete Kozma grounds out into a double play, because Anderson had to scramble into a dirt bath because he was trying to avoid his fate of getting tagged out on the basepath like a nincompoop.

Yes, my friends … that was a GIDP via TOOTBLAN!

Despite the loss, it was a good time. Now I am going to share some pictures with you!

This is the clock that sits atop the scoreboard at AutoZone Park.

Matt Carpenter fielding grounders prior to the start of the game.

Tyler Greene getting ready to attempt to catch a grounder prior to the start of the game.

Tyler Greene takes some practice swings before heading to the plate.

Fred Bird was in Memphis for a visit.

Rocky the Redbird visits fans during the game.

There was a Jimmy Buffett Fireworks show after the game.

As we left the ballpark, we saw a player signing autographs. As I got closer, I knew it was Pete Parise! So of course I got him to sign my program.

While the trip from Northeast Arkansas to Memphis was an adventure, we had a good time. And Dad thoroughly enjoyed his Father’s Day gift!

Miranda Remaklus is lead St. Louis Cardinals contributor to Aaron Miles’ Fastball. Follow her on Twitter, @missmiranda.

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