Your Turn: What Should The Cards Do?

   So the Cards lost to the Mets tonight 6-5 in 10 innings, first blowing a 4-0 lead and then a 5-4 one. It’s the ninth walk-off loss of the year, fourth via homer. The Cards are 1-4 since the All-Star break. They’re in third place in the NL Central. While they hit and scored runs tonight, the pitching was obviously a big issue. There’s still no one except Adam Wainwright who can get Carlos Beltran out.

Oh, and it’s hotter than hell everywhere so we’re all cranky anyway.

So, here you go. Your chance.

What should the Cards do? What moves do they need to make? Obtain a starter? A closer? A lefty reliever? A shortstop? A second baseman? Ship out their center fielder? Everyone has an opinion. Here’s your chance to share. Go …

4 thoughts on “Your Turn: What Should The Cards Do?

  1. As much as I like the idea of getting another starter and moving K-Mac back to the pen, tonight lead my right back to the bullpen/closer dilemma. Salas can’t go more than one inning. But there’s no reason we need to keep giving up leads. Up 4-0? We HAVE to pull these games off! Sure, we CAN come back late. But not when every time we score, we give up that one and usually more. I like Salas, I really do. But Mo has his work cut out for him in figuring out how to make the smart moves to get things back on track. Like, now.

  2. First off, get a closer. Fernando Salas has been put in situations where he can’t succeed because TLR is keeping him in the game for over one inning. Salas could start losing his confidence. STOP PUTTING HIM IN THAT SITUATION AND GET HIM SOME HELP.

    Kyle McClellan pitched well until that sixth inning again. Time to get another starter so Kyle Mc. can be moved into a long relief role.

    Colby: No. Don’t trade him. If you don’t trade him and don’t move him in the off season maybe he will see that as a sign of confidence and get his head straight and be consistent.

    Middle Infield? If a shortstop could be found for a decent price that would be great. And by decent price, I mean they can deal Tyler Greene if they want! lol! Not Pete Kozma! Theriot should be moved to 2B. Move Skip to a Utility man role with Dirty Dan and Nick Punto.

    I don’t really have a wish list of players I want. Heath Bell would be nice but I don’t know if he is really what the Cardinals want. M. Adams stats looked decent.
    James Shields? Is there anyone else available?
    R. Furcal? … I’d almost be willing to have this blog’s namesake … THAT IS RIGHT!! I want Aaron Miles back. He was gosh awful at times … but he was scrappy and THE GUY CAN PITCH! I hear he has one hell of a fastball!

  3. I still think getting a good starter creates a domino effect that helps out the bullpen. Not only does this theoretical starter go deeper into games (thereby saving innings for the pen) but he moves McClellan to the 8th inning role. You save Salas for the 9th. Lynn and Motte can do OK in the seventh.

    I’d also like a reliable lefty reliever, but if I can make only one move, I make a move for a #3-type starter.

  4. The Cardinals are 12-21 since June 9.

    That’s putrid baseball for more than a month. Most contending teams usually don’t play that terribly bad for that long and expect to stay in the race. The only reason the Cardinals have is because Milwaukee has been mediocre. We cannot expect that to continue.

    And we’re asking for a new closer, a new middle infield, a new #3 starter … yeah, that’s probably a little much, don’t you think, unless we want to watch Shelby Miller and Carlos Martinez pitch for other teams in the years to come.

    Baseball Prospectus has the Cardinals odds to win the NL Central at 38.8 percent. I think that’s probably high.

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