Bye-Bye, Colby … Hello, Corey Patterson?!?

Quite the whirlwind morning, if you’ve spent any time on Twitter. But it seems like the inevitable has happened, with Colby Rasmus being traded.

Nothing has been officially announced by the Cardinals yet, but here’s what Joe Strauss of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch is reporting:

The Cardinals have traded center fielder Colby Rasmus and relievers P.J. Walters and Trever Miller to the Toronto Blue Jays in a multi-player package including starting pitcher Edwin Jackson, relievers Octavio Dotel and Marc Rzepczynski and outfielder Corey Patterson, according to sources familiar with the situation. An announcement could come early this afternoon.

The deal is pending approval by Major League Baseball since the Cardinals will receive cash considerations as part of the deal.

So, there you go. More later, as we sort this through and try to understand why Corey Patterson is apparently becoming a Cardinal, but let us know your thoughts. We’ve been on Twitter — we know there are many. Vent away …

8 thoughts on “Bye-Bye, Colby … Hello, Corey Patterson?!?

  1. Gut reaction: Not. Freaking. Happy.

    But I was never a Colby hater.

    I just can’t convince myself that this is ok. Nor can I believe that Mo was calling all the shots on this. It reeks of TLR, and honestly, I am sick of good players leaving b/c they can’t get along with him. There’s one common denominator.

    That said, I wish Colby nothing but the best, and can’t wait to see him flourish like I know he will.

    Ugh. Still standing on the proverbial ledge. I don’t like this trade.

  2. Don’t worry. LaRussa will make sure you take a step off that ledge. There are plenty of other young prospects the Cardinals have in their system for LaRussa to ruin.

    Until LaRussa leaves for good — and doesn’t stick around as GM or consultant or whatever — this team’s otherwise bright future is dimmed.

    The LaRussa Tax on this organization is a deadweight that will prevent it from ever realizing its potential. You know, it’s kind of amazing — the Cardinals have had unparalleled success in reaching the postseason since 1996, but in looking back, the manager during that era won’t be recalled fondly.

    • What about the players ON the major league roster who are Cardinals home-grown talent that La Russa doesn’t have an issue with? Allen Craig. Daniel Descalso. Jaime Garcia. Jon Jay. Lance Lynn. Kyle McClellan. Yadier Molina. Oh, and some guy named Albert … although I suppose he’s one of those damn proven veterans by this point.

  3. Oh, and before anyone thinks Dave Duncan can work his unicorn and pixie dust magic with Edwin Jackson, people said the same shit when the Cardinals picked up Brett Tomko.

  4. I might have be a little critical of Rasmus but I think we needed him for the long term. I think a change of clubs will be the best thing for him. I am just glad we don’t have to face him when he becomes that player we wanted. Who in the world are these other guys (Dotel is the only one I have heard of).

  5. First off, I wish Colby the best of luck in Toronto. I hope he does very well there.

    Now! Normally, I am a team first kind of girl. Whatever it takes to make the team better.
    Nothing tells me Colby Rasmus was ever going to thrive or be the next Stan Musial while in St. Louis, and TLR can definitely be thanked for that. TLR did not like Colby. And when TLR doesn’t like you, that’s it.

    It still seems to me that we should have gotten something more than a rental pitcher, relief help and Corey FREAKING Patterson.

    I honestly think I am most irked by that… Corey FREAKING Patterson. Are you kidding me. Looking through the Blue Jays active roster, I can see a few other players I’d rather have than Corey FREAKING Patterson.

    Didn’t the Cubs get rid of him for being Rasmus like?

    Reading Marc Rzepczynski, I like his potential. Maybe that will help out our bullpen.

    Joe Strauss threw out a tweet a little while ago that they are looking at Motte/Boggs for Heath Bell now. WTF! Motte for Bell, OK! Yes. Not Boggs, come on. Does TLR not like Boggs? There was that whole little incident where he was sent to Memphis…

    Just don’t trade David Freese, please. I’ll be done for the season if that happens. I just don’t think I could handle that.

    I’ll give this an opportunity … but, I feel uneasy about this move right now.

    • Cory Patterson will be this team’s new center fielder,and Jon Jay will be taking over in right.

      Lance Berkman just turned into Larry Walker, getting cortisone shots every few weeks or so, so the timing of this trade is goddam perfect.

      So LaRussa just got his way — replacing smooth Colby Rasmus with Gritty Proven Veteran(TM) Corey Patterson just when the team’s best hitter this year goes in for a shoulder MRI.


  6. I’ll admit it, I didn’t want to see Colby go. However, realistically I saw it coming. I was hoping to be more wowed by the result, though. With the possible exception of Marc Rzepczynski, I’m underwhelmed, to say the least. Jackson doesn’t seem to bring much more consistency than we already had, which kind of defeats the purpose. It does (likely) add McClellan’s arm back to the bullpen, which may help there.

    I’m not even going there with Corey Patterson.

    And with the rumor mill picking up steam again regarding Heath Bell, I’m still very intrigued by the philosophy behind all the madness!

    I will say, what bothers me most is the idea that TLR’s comments (uncalled for, in my opinion) were the final straw that ran Rasmus out of STL. That isn’t the way a manager should deal with his players. Period.

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