Your Attention, Please — Or Not?

The Cardinals season ends three weeks from tomorrow.

With a 10 1/2 game deficit in the NL Central and a Brewers magic number now at 11, any hope of that being a race is over. (Wondering about the wild card? They’re now tied with the Giants at 8 1/2 behind the Braves, who now have a magic number of 14.)

So, with the end near, will the Cardinals still have your attention? Which of these will you do?

A. Continue watching every game possible. Baseball is baseball, the Cardinals are my team and I’ll be there until there are no more games to watch.

B. I’ll watch on occasion, but don’t care as much now as I did earlier in the season.

C. Baseball? Really? Now? The NFL starts Thursday night! And college football already started!

D. A combination of the above.

What will you do for the next 21 games? Share your thoughts below.

For me, it’s mostly A. I do find myself checking more often on my playoff step-team (more on that in a future post) and am a little bit more interested in the NFL season since I’m playing fantasy football for the first time. (How’s this for beginner’s “luck” — Peyton Manning is my quarterback.) But, the Cardinals are still the main priority until there are no more games left to watch. There’s still Albert’s chase for .300 and 100 RBI and the chance to (hopefully) see what Tyler Greene, Tony Cruz, Adron Chambers can do and more. There’s a story to every game, every day.

So, what about you?

14 thoughts on “Your Attention, Please — Or Not?

  1. Obviously A. It’s a painful time when the last game is over and there’s no baseball on regularly.

    Speaking of, how weird is it that the last game will be a weekday night game? The last home game is a Sunday, true, but that last series in Houston is just going to be strange.

    • You know, the way Dan and Al were talking yesterday, I honestly had to look at the schedule… I was surprised there were games left! They were talking like yesterday was the last game!
      I do wonder who of them will be back next season.
      I remember Wayne Hagin was super negative near the end of the 2006 season… I even remember him saying after a loss, “Did you hear that… that was the end of the season.” Well, we all know what happened that season! And where is he now!
      I’m ready for Dan to have his Wayne Hagin moment! lol

  2. I would say it’s a combination because I still want to see what could potentially be Albert Pujols last games in a Cardinals uniform which is really too bad. Albert, to me is a no brainer HOF’r. If he is in another uniform next year I am not sure how I will be able to watch that. Of course at the end of the day I’m a Cardinals fan first and if to get this team better means losing #5, I would in the long run accept that.

    Having said that I will watch the Cardinals now based on my other TV shows and yes NFL football, where earlier in the year or if the Cards were contending it may be the other way around and my DVR would be very busy. So I guess my answer would be D – a combination.

    On a side note: I hope you have a good backup QB on your fantasy team.

    • Daniel, it’s definitely weird that the season is ending on Wednesday.

      Rob, very interesting point with this:
      “Of course at the end of the day I’m a Cardinals fan first and if to get this team better means losing #5, I would in the long run accept that.”
      Something to discuss in the weeks ahead, for sure.

      I have Matt Stafford from Detroit as my backup.

      • This is a good discussion! I will say, It would *have* to be an accepted thing if you are a Cards fan first and foremost… it doesn’t mean that we have to be on Twitter if that happens to take place! People will stroke out. I love my friends from Twitter. Let’s Keep Calm Y’all! πŸ˜‰

  3. Oh, most definitely A. Like you said, it’s baseball, my 1st love…While I do bleed Black & Gold for my football teams, it is just a diversion until pitchers & catchers report in February. In fact, reading in black & white that the season ends 3 weeks from tomorrow brought tears to my eyes.

  4. It’s A because I love baseball and can watch any game (not so much Y & RS). It interests me to see if the vets still play it all out or phone it in. The guys they bring up will get more playing time, I would think. I want to see how Jon Jay, DD, & Theriot finish out their year. I am going to the Pittsburgh game on the 14th and the Phillies game Friday. I may or may not wear my Cardinal shirt. Will be buying a couple things from each shop. I am way overdue for a Rysn Howard shirt. His sister & I worked together when he was in college & the minors. Great family.

    • Linda, both of those ballparks are great — really enjoyed the games at both of them. Be sure to get food beyond the typical ballpark stuff, as each one has its own specialties. I had fish and chips at PNC Park and Bull’s Barbecue (Greg Luzinski runs it) in Philly. There’s also Harry the K’s restaurant there, for Harry Kalas.

      I think you’ll be fine wearing Cards stuff at either place. Small crowds again in Pittsburgh and the Phillies have such a big lead/good record their fans won’t care! Howard does seem like a great guy.

  5. No question, it is A. I don’t require the Cardinals to make post-season for me to enjoy the beauty of the game. Of course, it helps if they do it every once in a while πŸ™‚ But there is still plenty of reason to watch the final games. We will start seeing Adron Chambers and Tyler Greene as they make their 2012 auditions. There are still plenty of great plays, timely hits and come from behind thrillers left in the season, and I will be there for as many of them as my schedule permits.

  6. It has to be A for me, too. I mean, maybe my heart won’t beat quite as fast in the 9th inning of one-run games (and that’s probably a lie), but they’re still my team. It’s still baseball. And win, lose, or draw I’m in it until the end. Plus, like Bob said — we get to look at the potential future of this team now. Not that I’d pick that over playoffs, but since I don’t really have a choice, I’m excited to see what these young guys bring to the table.

    I can’t believe the season’s nearly over…

  7. Most definitely A!
    I could care less about seeing Tyler Greene. Who is surprised by that! But I am looking forward to seeing Cruz again and Adron Chambers was a refreshing presence to see in Center Field when I watched the Memphis Redbirds in July. What! He caught the ball in center… we weren’t getting that at the time with Colby! πŸ˜‰ But I think folks will really enjoy Chambers! He wasn’t great at the plate… but that should get better with time!

    And of course I want Albert to get to .300 and 100 rbi.

    The Cardinals are my team. I want them to finish it out strong and head into the off season confident in making good moves that will make the 2012 team awesome!

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