There’s No Whining In Baseball

For months, St. Louis Cardinals baseball fans have been subjected to the taunts from the fan bases of other teams. There were calls that Tony La Russa, the team, the fans … basically anyone connected to the St. Louis Cardinals … were nothing but a bunch of whiny babies.

Nyjer Morgan

Well. I am putting my foot down. I don’t want to hear it anymore. Not from you Reds fans and especially not from you Brewers fans.

The Cardinals can no longer be seen as a bunch of whiners. Not after that ridiculous, little outburst by Nyjer “Tony Plush” Morgan during the ninth inning of the game Wednesday.

After striking out Morgan, Chris Carpenter walked behind the mound to wipe the sweat from his brow. Meanwhile, Morgan was screaming F-bombs at him and throwing chewing tobacco at him. Gross. Ew!  Players were running off the benches in full “HOLD ME BACK” mode. Albert Pujols and Prince Fielder were good leaders and told everyone to simmer down.

Morgan has alleged he only reacted the way he did because Carpenter yelled an F-bomb at him.

If you simply watch the video, Carpenter said nothing to Morgan. It’s ridiculous to say he did. Because he didn’t say a word.

Morgan got ejected and headed for an earlier shower. Instead, it seems he grabbed his mobile and updated his Twitter stream with these beauties:

Alberta? Are you kidding me? Albert is a man who proves himself on the field by quietly smashing home runs and making plays. He’s the greatest player of our generation and that little jerk just insults him like that. How many of you hope the Cardinals make the playoffs now!

The Cardinals were interviewed prior, I would expect, to their finding out about Morgan’s tweets. Albert, Carpenter and TLR all had about the same message. Here’s a quote from Carp and TLR in Milwaukee’s Journal Sentinel. Notice how on message they are! :

“He’s a good player,” said Carpenter. “He has some serious talent. He just plays the game a different way. I didn’t know anything was going on until I heard Albert.

“There is a certain way to compete, and there is a certain way not to compete. He competes hard but he does it in a different manner, which is unfortunate because it takes away from the player he is.”

St. Louis manager Tony La Russa also took Morgan to task, saying, “He’s having a good year for them. He’s a talented guy. He’s close to the edge as far as creating problems and trouble.

“It takes away from the player that he’s been for them with his fuse being so short and actually looking for things to instigate. I hope he gets a clue. It’s the truth. He could be the player that he is without instigating.”

So how do you think things went yesterday?

Well, it would seem the Brewers may have told him he needs to play “like he’s been there before” because Nyjer Morgan became Tony Hush! He did say that he was having fun with the Alberta tweet and that people made of it what they did. This was probably the most interesting graph from the whole story, which seemed to convey a Shut Your Mouth Nyjer tone from the Brewers organization:

When reporters approached Morgan at his locker, Brewers reliever LaTroy Hawkins came over to monitor the conversation.

“The past is the past. Let it go,” Hawkins said.

Hawkins had to monitor Nyjer?

That is so telling! Nyjer is such a clubhouse issue that leaders are having to watch him. They had to monitor him to make sure he didn’t add more fuel to the fire. Because he totally would do it.

The Brewers have had quite the good run. But that good run is getting tarnished by the antics of a weirdo who talks about himself in the third person all while using a pseudonym. That’s honestly crazy and … while I hate to do it… makes Brandon Phillips look less like a bad guy and more like the good, misunderstood guy that Fox Sports Midwest makes him out to be. Yeah … I know!

I just hope our FSMW friends don’t try to justify Nyjer calling our best player Alberta by saying … “Oh he’s just misunderstood.”

Pure and simple. Nyjer isn’t misunderstood.

Do you think Nyjer will end up back with the Brewers? Or will he end up with another team? If another team, where would you like to see him?

Miranda Remaklus is lead St. Louis Cardinals’ contributor to Aaron Miles’ Fastball. She is also senior reporter at Aerys Offsides over in the NFL section. Follow her on Twitter, @missmiranda. 

2 thoughts on “There’s No Whining In Baseball

  1. I LOVE this post. You simply put into words all the things I’ve been thinking as of late. In fact, my dad and I were just talking yesterday about the Reds’ “bad boy” Brandon Philips and how he looks like a *gasp* class act in comparison. I have heard people talking about how these kind of antics simply add to the entertainment value of the game. Well … I disagree. This is immature. And unprofessional. Yes, he’s an athlete not a stock broker. But he IS still, in fact, a “professional” in a very public career. He apparently missed that memo. Plus, tweeting like an illiterate punk only adds to my lack of respect (or tolerance) for him. It’s not fun, or cute, or creative. It’s annoying.

    And Carp’s the problem? TLR’s the whiner? Please…

  2. Well, CC *did* say something to him, it turns out, as I just read here from Matthew Leach:

    But this part was interesting: “He noted that while he said something once to Morgan, Morgan said a lot of things, repeatedly, over the course of Wednesday night and in prior starts as well. Each time, he ignored it, until he struck out the Milwaukee outfielder in what will be their final head-to-head plate appearance of 2011.”

    Morgan is not funny and not entertaining in the least. Phillips is just an attention whore, and he’s getting it. I still don’t like, and won’t ever like, either one of them. And I find it disgusting that the broadcasters from my team have to talk up the opposition like they do for both of them.

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