The Cardinal We Most Want To …

Asparagus, y'all! (Photo from Diamond Dishes cookbook)

So how do you fill the time on a night when the World Series is rained out?

Of course the Cardinals were on our minds last night, even if we couldn’t watch them battle the Rangers in game six. No, instead we were thinking about them a little … differently

As in discussing who we’d like to go jeans shopping with. Or for a nice stroll along the beach. And hang out and drink beers with.

Here’s the list that Miranda, Tara and I put together in talking about the Cardinals – we did find something we’d like to do with every Cardinal. And it’s strictly a G-rated list.

(We’ll save that other list for the AMF pay-per-view …)

The Cardinal we most want to

Cook dinner with: Lance Berkman (But he has to wear his cowboy hat and serve asparagus)

Go vintage clothing shopping with: Mitchell Boggs (Don’t you remember turtleneck day?)

Have as our personal trainer: Chris Carpenter (Seriously, we’d never miss a day or slack off)

Go to an aquarium with: Allen Craig

Go walking along the beach with: Daniel Descalso

Shop for socks with: Octavio Dotel

Shop for jeans with: David Freese (And also tour St. Louis with — who better to show us around?)

Get to know better: Rafael Furcal (He got a firetruck donated from the L.A. Fire Department to his hometown in the Dominican Republic — it was the town’s first-ever truck)

Get a mani/pedi with: Jaime Garcia

Put in a protective bubble: Matt Holliday (Sorry, Matty! We’d also most like to go for a run with you, or pick lotto numbers with you. A moth in your ear? Talk about odds …)

Go house hunting with: Edwin Jackson (The poor guy has had plenty of practice)

Go shoe shopping with: Jon Jay (If you follow him on Twitter, you’ll know why)

Play fantasy football for us: Gerald Laird

Create our Halloween costumes: Kyle Lohse (He has a little experience)

Have babysit our kids: Lance Lynn (He seems like a natural)

Play carnival games (like the dunk tank) with: Yadier Molina (Or go get a tattoo with — his tats are magical!)

NOT stay out all night drinking with: Jason Motte (Or NOT go target shooting with, since the Not Closer can’t see)

Go shopping at Best Buy with: Albert Pujols (Or go golfing or to visit a children’s hospital with — we love his charity work)

Maybe he would be the stripper ...

Go see male strippers with: Nick Punto (What? He’s The Shredder!)

Have a couple of beers and hang out chatting with: Arthur Rhodes (We were intrigued with what we learned about him earlier in the Series, plus he’s bound to have plenty of stories from all his years in baseball)

Play Scrabble with: Marc Rzepczynski (We know … too obvious)

Learn Spanish from: Fernando Salas (What an adorable tutor to have)

Practice a curveball with: Skip Schumaker (Although he also would make a good, though probably less strict, personal trainer than CC)

Eat jambalaya with: Ryan Theriot (And maybe have a few hurricanes at Pat O’Brien’s with afterward)

Go fishing with: Jake Westbrook

So, with a better forecast for today, game six will take place tonight. And nothing more needs to be said about it — we know what’s on the line, just like each one of these 25 Cardinals (and everyone else) does too.

And we want what you want.

Go do it …

2 thoughts on “The Cardinal We Most Want To …

  1. Word on the street (ahem, and by that I mean youtube) is that DD likes to talk up his high school football career, too. Maybe while we’re walking on the beach, we can get a little fantasy advice from him, too!

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