World Series DVD Set: Memory After Beautiful Memory

Yesterday, we introduced our latest Aaron Miles’ Fastball giveaway — the complete, collector’s edition 2011 World Series DVD set. I’ll tell you now, you want this set. Trust me on this.

The set includes all seven games, plus a bonus DVD full of season highlights.

This is more than just a DVD copy of each game. For me, one of the best features is the option for alternate commentary — feeds from Fox Sports, ESPN Deportes, the Cardinals Radio Network and the Rangers Radio Network are available for each game.

I’ll admit it — the first game of the World Series DVD set that I popped in was Game Six. How could it be anything else? The final three innings never get old.

We’re all familiar now with Joe Buck’s “We will see you tomorrow night!” call, but now, Cardinal fans have the opportunity to hear Mike Shannon’s version: “Unbelievable, phenomenal, just fantastic!”  Throw in a “Get up, baby! Get up!” or two, and it doesn’t get any better.

For me, this is a wonderful feature. During the series, I obviously chose to watch the games if I could, meaning not listening to John Rooney and Mike Shannon as I had all season. To now hear their take on everything from Carp’s Game One outing, to Albert’s historic homers, the circus-act-turned-record-breaker Game Six, and of course, the final out and celebration after Game Seven is something I’ll enjoy as I make my way through the magical series.

If you don’t quite have time for a complete game, but want to taste the glory of the 2011 season, the Bonus DVD is just the thing. This little gem has some of the best moments of the year, all wrapped up in one delightful package. This disc features:

  • The season’s walk-off winners (including Skip Schumaker, Daniel Descalso, Jake Westbrook — which still leaves me shaking my head! — and yes, Albert Pujols in back-to-back games against the Cubs)
  • Milestones, such as Lanec Berkman’s 350th career home run, Matt Holliday’s 200th homer and Albert Pujols’ 2,000th hit (also notched against the Cubs!)
  • The final out of game 162 and the celebration after the Phillies knocked the Braves out of the postseason and sealed the Redbirds’ Wild Card berth
  • Key highlights and celebrations from the NLDS and NLCS, including trophy presentations and interviews with John Mozeliak, Tony LaRussa, and MVP David Freese
  • Allen Craig’s series-ending catch, the on-field celebration and trophy presentations to the 2011 World Champion St. Louis Cardinals
  •  A ride through the victory parade with Mr. Freese himself

Good stuff, I tell you. You can’t watch without smiling ear to ear. This ride wasn’t supposed to happen, but there it is, documented, cemented in history, and all collected on DVD to be watched again and again (and again!).

Another fun little feature is the cases themselves. Each case is lined with game stats and nifty trivia nuggets. Things like the length of Game Two (three hours and four minutes) and that before 2001, the most relief appearances for a team in a postseason was 62 (’02 Giants), but the Rangers upped it to 70, only to have the Cardinals set yet another record with 75. So, not only can you re-watch every game, but you can re-read each one by the numbers.

But, most importantly, you get to relive them all. Every excruciating double play, every exhilarating tying run. Albert’s historic three-homer night, Allen Craig’s pinch hitting masterpiece, David’s unprecedented postseason surge. The bullpen phone fiasco, Chris Carpenter’s brilliance and Jason “Not-The-Closer” Motte’s now-famous #highheat. And, of course, Lance Berkman, Rafael Furcal, Arthur Rhodes and Octavio Dotel’s long-awaited World Series victory. Every swing, every pitch, every rally towel, every squirrel hat, every Nolan Ryan glare … you get the idea.

Memories are beautiful things. When they’re captured on DVD, they’re even better! With a series — and a postseason — with as many twists and turns as this one had, it’s a treat to be able to relive the well-known highlights as well as those we may have forgotten in the shadow of, well, Game Six.

The World Series Film was special in its storytelling, but there’s something just as special about seeing the real thing unfold, just as it happened live. A+E Networks Home Entertainment and MLB Productions have once again given us the perfect compilation of a perfect cap to the season. (Plus, it makes a really nice distraction from the Pujols melodrama.)

It’s a Cardinal fan Christmas list must-have. But, don’t forget to enter to win a free set from Aaron Miles’ Fastball!

Tara is a St. Louis Cardinals reporter for Aaron Miles’ Fastball and a contributor to Around the Horn. Follow her on Twitter @tarawellman.


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