Ryan Theriot Fan Club Folding

Aaron Miles’ Fastball received news Monday night that will cause much rejoicing!

That’s right! Ryan Theriot was not offered a contract for 2012 and he’s now a free agent!

He may be gone. But per the final bylaws of the club, we still must refer to him his WORLD SERIES CHAMPION Ryan Theriot!

And Cardinal fans, we have some even better news!

Skip Schumaker has a brand spanking new two-year contract with Cardinals! Here are some details.

Skip has the scrappiness we all love to see on this team. He is a super utility guy in that he can play infield and outfield positions, which is always a good thing.

Let us know what you think! Are you excited about Skip? Were you hoping for the return of the Ryan Theriot Fan Club?

3 thoughts on “Ryan Theriot Fan Club Folding

  1. It’s not so much that I ever liked Ryan Theriot, I just didn’t like how everyone — Cards fans and of course Cubs fans — hates him so much. I’ll always be for the underdog! Thus, the Fan Club.

    With that, though, one message to the legions of haters: WORLD SERIES CHAMPION Ryan Theriot, forever and always. Nothing will change that!

  2. I liked Ryan Theriot — until he went to the Cardinals and started saying things like “it’s great to finally be on the right side of the rivalry” and other such remarks pointed directly at the Cubs. The quoted remark was the one that made me start disliking him.

    As for WORLD SERIES CHAMPION Ryan Theriot, I counter with two football examples: SUPER BOWL CHAMPION QB Trent Dilfer, and GREY CUP CHAMPION QB Tyler Palko.

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