What Are You Most Looking Forward to in the 2012 Season?

The 2012 season is arguably one of the most anticipated Cardinal Nation has seen in many, many years.

A new manager in Mike Matheny after longtime manager Tony La Russa decided to retire after leading the Cardinals to their 11th World Series Championship. The  loss of Albert Pujols. The leave of absence taken by Dave Duncan.

And then, there are the anticipation factors … Adam Wainwright will be back; can David Freese actually have a completely healthy season and what kind of greatness will that bring; the good pieces of the bullpen from the end of last season plus the addition of J.C. Romero and Motte as The Closer having a full season together; will Tyler Greene do better with Matheny; what about Descalso; a full, healthy season with Furcal; The Animal Whis… Holliday stepping up as the leader of the team; Berkman at first; Beltran … and and and will they bring #12 in ’12?

See … there is a LOT to look forward to this season.

Sure, I have listed what all I am looking forward to this season. But to nail it down to one thing, it would have to be the anticipation of how this will all work out!

I have no dread … I am really looking forward to this season.

So I of course posed this questions to my Cardinal fan friends on Twitter. Sit back, relax and I’ll share some of these great answers with you!

Chris, Aaron Miles’ Fastball senior St. Louis Cardinals reporter: 

“The one thing I’m most looking forward to is seeing Mike Matheny manage. We’ve heard from him now, we’ve heard from the players now, we know how excited they all are — but it’s time to see him in action, see how it goes and see how he does. And while he definitely has a lot of great components that make up the team and there’s much to be optimistic about, I’m also anxious to see how he handles it when everything doesn’t go well in a game. Because, of course, that’s going to happen on occasion too.”

Laura, conflicted Big Game Claws senior Texas Rangers reporter and editor of The Pulse

“Seeing how all the newness works out. A LOT has changed since 2011 … and looking at Matheny.”

Casey, senior Green Bay Packers reporter at The Pack Attack:

“World Series 12 in 12! But really just to see what Matheny brings to the team, and how we carry on after the Pujols era! Can’t wait!”



Mary, lead reporter for Marquette baseball at The Gold Rush:

“Lance Berkman at first base! I am also looking forward to the LB Fan Club being in full force this year.”

Danielproprietor of C70 At The Bat :

“Adam Wainwright. Specifically watching a nasty curveball drop in for strike three to end the seventh inning or so.”


“Opening weekend against the Cubs, putting another WS flag up & getting their rings. Poor cubbies have to sit & watch it all.”


“Two words: ADAM. WAINWRIGHT.”

Tara, reporter for Aaron Miles’ Fastball and Around the Horn:

Agreed with Tyler and added, ” Also a year of a healthy David Freese *knock on wood*”


“First Waino to Beltran ’06 NLCS joke.”


“Seeing all the offseason changes play out … LB at 1B, learning Matheny’s managing style, seeing what Beltran will do. Also having Waino back and seeing how Freese performs going into the season completely healthy (& hoping he stays that way!)”


“1) Seeing how all players step up & come into their own now that they’re out of the looming shadow of Pujols 2) Watching Matheny show what a great person he is and what a great manager he will be.”


Other than #12in12, I’m curious to see how much the organization will let the young guys play a role.

Bob, of the On The Outside Corner blog:

“Jason Motte as ‘the Closer’.”


Being there opening weekend and (at least trying to) meet all you awesome tweeple.


“Overall success without #5, #OneManDoesNotATeamMake #SilenceTheCritics”


“Showing AP we can have a fantastic season without him!”


Seeing how Matheny handles his new role.


Seeing the hashtag I created becoming more popular!! #MotteMan But on a serious level, I’m looking forward to a healthy Adam Wainwright!!


The Cardinals proving that they are a complete team and can win without that one guy that used to be on the team.


Joe Strauss’ snark.


I’m looking forward to seeing our Cardinals play,  finding a new way to make good things happen in Busch Stadium and even better.


Waino returning!


12 in 12!

Seems like there is one I am leaving out …

Oh yeah!  … THIS was a response too!

Bernie Miklasz, broadcaster on ESPN 101 in St. Louis and columnist for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

“Looking forward to more offerings of the Aaron Miles Fastball blog.”

Very nice!

Didn’t get to comment? You still have a shot … comment below, OK!

Miranda Remaklus is lead St. Louis Cardinals contributor to Aaron Miles’ Fastball. She’s also senior reporter at Aerys Offsides in the NFL section. Follow her on Twitter, @missmiranda. 

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