Catching up with the Cardinals

To say this has been a busy off-season for the Cardinals is quite the understatement!

Here’s some good stuff to help you remember that the day pitchers and catchers report to Jupiter is just around the corner!

On Saturday, World Series MVP David Freese accepted the Babe Ruth Award for Postseason MVP at the Baseball Writer’s Association of America awards banquet in New York. Here’s a little video of his acceptance speech!

Freese was thankful to the Cardinals organization and his parents for being so supportive. He was grateful to have played with That Guy Who Used To Play First Base, Matt Holliday and Lance Berkman and for getting to watch players like Ryan Braun. He said he could just watch and learn from these players how to, as he put it, “play the game right.”

Freese was quite self-deprecating when he took the  stage saying that looking around made him wonder if he should really be there. Well, remembering this moment … YES! You belong!

Fans of one of the scrappiest Cardinals of all-time, David Eckstein, were probably a little upset and then a little relieved Sunday.

The Boston Globe reported Eckstein was retiring from the game even though teams were interested in bringing him to Spring Training camp. After word spread of the retirement, according to, it was learned that the 37-year-old was not ready to retire just yet but would continue to play if the right opportunity came along. He did not play during the 2011 season.

Miss his hustle and I hope he gets an opportunity to play somewhere.

And former Cardinals pitcher Joe Magrane made an appearance on American Idol recently. Joe’s 15-year-old daughter, Shannon, auditioned. The whole family was brought into the room. Joe introduced himself to Randy, J-Lo and Steven. Joe asked Steven how Boston was and … well … just watch the video, friends!

And just a couple of noteworthy items from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Whitey Herzog gave Mike Matheny his seal of approval. Herzog said Matheny is stepping into a good situation and just has to do things his way. Something I know we are all looking forward to as Cards fans.

Chemistry. It’s one of those buzzwords for the Cards. It has been for a few seasons now. One of the big names in making last season’s team chemistry so great was Lance Berkman. Well, according to THIS story, he and Matt Holliday will take on bigger roles in making sure that great team chemistry still reacts well throughout the season.

And, if you get the chance today, sign up for the STL Baseball Network site.  The goal of the site from StlBaseballApp is to become a hub for fan interaction. The site will be complete by spring training with the news you enjoy from his mobile app and a chat feature he will integrate into the webpage for fans to use during games.

Miranda Remaklus is lead St. Louis Cardinals contributor to Aaron Miles’ Fastball. She’s also senior reporter for Aerys Offsides in the NFL section. Follow her on Twitter, @missmiranda

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