Desperately Seeking MLB’s Fan Cave

NOTE: The 50 finalist for MLB’s 2012 Fan Cave were announced last week and included among them is one candidate we at Aaron Miles’ Fastball can certainly support — because who would be better in the Cave than a female St. Louis Cardinals fan? Here’s your chance to meet Kelsey … and then get voting.

By Kelsey Shea Weinrich


“I don’t believe you’re that much of a fan…”

These are the words that can set off the temper of anyone who considers themselves a die-hard subscriber to any team. You see, last October, on the night Chris Carpenter pitched that beautiful Game 5 vs. the Phillies, a friend of a friend dared to test my Cardinal knowledge:

 “How do Carpenter and Roy Halladay know each other?”
“They went through the minors together with Toronto.”

“Who does Chris Duncan play for now?”
“Trick question – he’s a commentator.”

“…Ok, you check out.”

Perhaps it’s because I am of the female gender, but I’ve gotten that a lot from people who don’t know me. So let me just get it out of the way and say my name is Kelsey Shea, I’m a finalist for the 2012 MLB Fan Cave, and I’m a Cardinals baseball-aholic. (“Hi, Kelsey.”)

And the good news is that my video is now posted at for all the world to see! For those of you who don’t know … Major League Baseball picks a few lucky fans each year to live the dream – watch every single game of the year, blog about it, and interview players and celebrities. Sounds amazing, right?!

But before you go and impulsively send a few votes my way like I know you want to do, let me tell you a bit more about myself.

A native St. Louisan, I grew up in Wildwood and recently graduated from Truman State University. If we’re going to talk labels, I now consider myself a performer and a writer. And, honestly, what better combination of skills could a Fan Cave host have?

I’m currently living in Orlando, Fla., and working at Walt Disney World, “The most magical place on earth,” (although I believe it might have a rival pretty soon). True to campaign form, I have a couple things I would like to accomplish should I be elected among the few, the elite, the Fan Cave occupants.

First of all, so that things like the aforementioned story don’t happen as often, I’m hoping to prove that girls can love baseball too. I believe the female population is still vastly under-represented in the sports world and to prove it, let me point out to you that only 12 of the 50 Fan Cave finalists are women. I may play ball like a girl, but that doesn’t mean I don’t understand the game when I watch it.

And second, I would love to reclaim baseball as “America’s favorite pastime.” I have a very strong opinion that between baseball and football, the former is the better sport. And yet, in the past few years, it has slowly been slipping from the national conscience.

For more on my opinions of the baseball vs. football debate, and for more reasons to vote for me (as if you weren’t already convinced), check out my blog at (where you can find out my connection to David Freese). You can support me on Twitter @kelseyshea11 with the hashtag #KShea4Cave, and join my Facebook page, Kelsey Shea for the MLB Fan Cave.

I haven’t spoken to that friend of a friend who questioned me in several months, but I hope he’s eating his words! Regardless, I am very proud and humbled to have made it this far.

Now … let’s put a member of Cardinal Nation in the Cave! Vote here!



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