Your Guide To Sabermetrics 101

With baseball season getting closer by the day, it’s time to brush up on your stats knowledge. Do you know what run expectancy is? What about wOBA? FIP? xFIP?

Thanks to Aerys Sports’ very own Megan Wells, you can learn about all of these and so much more. Megan’s been writing the Alphabet Soup series on our general MLB site Around the Horn throughout the off-season and has created a page to house all her great work — you can find it here.

Megan’s posts are a tremendous resource, from which I’ve learned much throughout the past couple of months — and you can too. And, really, is there anything you’d rather learn more about than baseball?

So take time now, before the regular season begins, to enhance your knowledge. You’ll appreciate the game even more — and feel better about yourself than if you just sat and wondered if Joe Strauss really has any knowledge about Roy Oswalt or is just trying to see how many retweets he can get …

Check out the Sabermetrics 101 guide today. (There’s a link to it on our sidebar as well.)





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