It Pays To Be World Series MVP, Right?

So, you’re David Freese. The NLCS and World Series MVP, now a Cardinals legend whose October heroics will star in countless MLB postseason commercials for years to come, all-around great guy who everyone adores.

After that whirlwind last fall, what kind of raise do you get for 2012?

Just about $100,000 over 2011 — up to $508,000 (according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch) from last year’s $416,000 (from USA Today).

Granted, either salary would be astronomical for you and me. Even that $92,000 raise Dave’s getting would be more than adequate.

But compared to today’s baseball salaries, like the $17 million of Dave’s BFF Matt Holliday, he seems underpaid.

Of course, he did just make his major league debut in 2009 and — due to numerous injuries — has only played 184 regular season games since that time. Last year was a career high with 97 games, but he missed nearly two months thanks to a broken hand. (Speaking of, we’ve heard all the talk about Adam Wainwright and Carlos Beltran and that curve ball and everything. What about Freeser and Scott Linebrink, who threw the pitch that broke his hand? How are they getting along?)

Next year Dave will be eligible for arbitration, so at least he could have a bit of negotiating power when it comes to his salary. Plus he did get that World Series share of $323,170, which is definitely a nice bonus since it nearly doubled what he made in 2011.

So maybe now he can afford his own couch


Speaking of the World Series, Derrick Goold has the scoop in today’s Post-Dispatch on what the rings will look like. (No pictures, though!) Here are details:

The top of the ring will feature a solo bird on a bat, with the bird crafted out of faceted rubies. The bird will be outlined in yellow gold and perched on a bat made of yellow gold, but the rest of the ring will be white gold, [team president Bill] DeWitt [III] said …

Marking history is its theme.

DeWitt described Wednesday how many designs on the ring will be new — “trailblazing,” he said — while focused on the team’s championship past. Some details DeWitt said will be present on the 2011 ring:

• One side panel of the ring will feature the number “11” made out of rubies to signify the 11th championship in club history.

• The other panel will have the team’s interlocking “STL” logo in rubies.

• Busch Stadium’s Musial Bridge motif will be featured in relief on the ring, and there will be room for the player’s name on one side.

• The years of the 10 other championships will be etched on the shank of the ring to give history “a prominence,” DeWitt said.

• The phrase “World Champions” will appear on the face of the ring framing the solo bird, but the diamonds will be set behind the letters to create what DeWitt described as “an additional bling factor.”

Freeser and the other 2011 Cardinals will receive their rings during a ceremony before the April 14 game at Busch Stadium.

And, as I love telling all the Cub fans I know, at least their team will get to see firsthand what happens after a team wins the World Series — they are the Cards’ opponent for the home opener weekend.

Christine Coleman is the senior St. Louis Cardinals reporter for Aaron Miles’ Fastball. Follow her on Twitter, @CColeman802, or email Also follow @AMilesFastball for the latest updates.

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