Cardinals And Brewers: Here We Go Again

So the bad thing about the St. Louis Cardinals playing only National League Central teams for the next month?

The rivalries.

And the worst is first, starting this afternoon in Milwaukee.

Granted, the last time the Cardinals and Brewers played, things turned out more than fine.

As an aside, isn’t it funny that the NLCS is pretty much forgotten by everyone when you look back on last October? The division series against the Phillies is well remembered, especially the Game 5 epic pitching duel. Then the World Series was just so incredible, plus it culminated with World Championship 11, so those are easily the most readily recalled games when looking back.

Somehow those six games between Oct. 9 and 16 just get lost. Yet now it’s time to return to Milwaukee and to face most of those same players again …


I hate the Brewers. All they do is scream and prance around and do that stupid beast mode thing about everything, all of them. They’re little bitches, all of them. I really hate the Brewers. Compared to the Brewers, I love the Chicago Cubs. Let me make this clear: I hate the Brewers.*

(*I hate the Reds too, and especially Brandon Phillips, so it’s ironic to be paying him homage. Ah, well, perhaps he does have a way with words …)

Prince Fielder is gone, yes, but I’m sure the idioticly stupid beast mode will still be in full swing today. And speaking of idioticly stupid, of course Nyjer Morgan will likely be up to his usual tricks — he’ll want the attention. Then there’s Ryan Braun, who shouldn’t even be playing these first 50 games. Plus Aramis Ramirez moved a bit north from one hated team to another.

Once again, ugh.

Granted, things are obviously different on the Cardinals side of things as well, but I doubt “Alberta’s” exit will stop Morgan from trying to stir things up again. He’s been out of the spotlight a while, and likely jealous of all the attention the Cards have received since they last played in Milwaukee.

But, it’s a new year. Maybe things will be different. Perhaps the Brewers will be a little less idiotic and not celebrate every single at-bat that ends up with a baserunner. Even Nyjer Morgan could have matured over the winter. Right? Uh, sure, right …

Manager Mike Matheny isn’t focusing on anything that’s happened previously:

“You just play the game,” Matheny said. “I don’t think you put anything premeditated into what’s happened before. You just go out and watch how things play out, and compete.”

So maybe that’s the attitude I should take as a fan also. Just watch how things play out, and not let my premeditated biases from last year take over.

At least until the Brewers or their fans do something to annoy me.

My goal for this series, and all series against the Brewers this season, is the same I wrote about last Oct. 9: just win. The stakes are obviously lower now, but a win is a win.

And Cardinals wins means the Brewers have nothing to celebrate. That’s best of all.

Christine Coleman is the senior St. Louis Cardinals reporter for Aaron Miles’ Fastball. Follow her on Twitter, @CColeman802, or email Also follow @AMilesFastball for the latest updates.

2 thoughts on “Cardinals And Brewers: Here We Go Again

  1. I’ll try to start fresh with my hatred of the brewers, but, it will be oh so easy to reignite… I’m already pissily annoyed that Braun isn’t out those 50 games…

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