Tyler Greene Helps Lead Cards Past Astros

… And I couldn’t be more happy about it!

That’s right. Tyler Greene. I’m freaking thrilled he had two home runs and did plenty to prove he’s worthy of being with the big club. I’m sarcastic about Tyler because … guess what … he has a ton of potential. We’ve been hearing this about him for years now. I am past ready for him to prove it. Therefore, I and others give him a hard time. It’s not “hate” … it’s laughing because if we don’t we will cry.

Got me? I’m not a hater. I’m taking applications for the Tyler Greene Fan Club, y’all! Jump on board, OK!

I have  a game I’d like to talk with you about now!

* Avoiding the sweep! The Cardinals avoided getting swept by the Astros with an 8-1 victory Sunday afternoon. Whew. They can’t sweep but they can’t be swept either so … yeah!

* Waino Es Bueno. Finally! Adam earned his second victory of the season after pitching seven innings and striking out seven. The only “YIKES” moment came in the fourth inning. Adam threw a wild pitch which allowing Carlos Lee to score. Waino’s steadily getting better after a rough start to his season and, after the last three games, it was quite refreshing to have a good pitching performance from one of our guys!

* Tyler Greene. OK, as mentioned earlier he had quite the game. He was 3 for 3 with four RBI, and two .. that’s right 2 … homers. Tyler now has three homers on the season. He hit his first one of the day to right field. It was a two-run shot that allowed Jon Jay to score. In the 8th inning, Greene hit a homer to left field. And, in the second inning, Tyler hit a double allowing Yadi to score.  Also, Tyler was walked in the sixth inning, he stole second and scored the 7th run of the day when Rafael Furcal hit a single.

No complaints here. Tyler Greene had an excellent game for the Cardinals on Sunday and I am happy for him. Seriously.

* Allen Craig. He had quite the game for the Cards too. He hit a two-run homer in the first off J.A. Happ. Craig hit a double in the third which allowed Matt Holliday to score. Nice to have Torty’s Dad back! Keep it up!

* What’s next? A series with the Diamondbacks in Arizona! Tonight’s game starts at 8:40 CT, so we have a late night to look forward too! Lance Lynn takes the mound for the Cardinals and will be looking for his sixth victory of the season. Lefty Joe Saunders takes the mound for the D-Backs. He is currently 2-1 after starting five games.

Go Cards!

Miranda Remaklus is lead St. Louis Cardinals contributor to Aaron Miles’ Fastball. She’s also senior reporter for Aerys Offsides in the NFL section. Follow her on Twitter, @missmiranda. 

1 thought on “Tyler Greene Helps Lead Cards Past Astros

  1. The fact that you have such an obsession with following Miranda around and commenting on everything she does seriously speaks to the state of your mental health. I find it impossible to believe that you don’t have more important things to do throughout the course of your day than troll on twitter and various websites.

    Please cease and desist from harassing her or you will hear from our lawyer.

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