We All Win As Cards Defeat Padres

So many good things happened in the Cardinals 4-3 victory over the Padres Monday.

Ready to discuss?

Let’s go!

* Four -game losing streak is OVER! Celebrate!

* Tyler Greene. He was three for four tonight with two RBI and  an amazing, yeah amazing,  two-run homer in the bottom of the eighth off Padre reliever Andrew Cashner, scoring Yadier Molina. Tyler looked so genuinely happy as he celebrated with Yadi, ran into the dugout for the receiving line and even more happy tipping his helmet to fans awaiting a curtain call. Tyler Greene has his ups and downs. Last night was definitely an UP and, with all of the injuries (we’ve had a few if you haven’t heard!) and inconsistencies lately, it would be refreshingly nice to see him step up and be the guy we’ve been promised.

Way to go, Tyler! Keep it up! Please.

Oh, and I just did a little stat look up! That was Tyler’s fourth homer of the season. That Guy That Used To Play First Base? He has three homers still. Understand what I am saying, friends? Tyler Greene has more homers than That Guy! Yes.

*Pitching.  Jaime Garcia pitched seven innings giving up seven hits, one walk and two earned runs. He also struck out seven batters. Mitchell Boggs thankfully shaved that hideous the beard. And guess what, guys? He pitched a good 2/3rds of an inning! He struck out one and the next pitcher up was Marc Rzepczynski.

Zep gave up a walk. After his last couple of performances, it might be time to give him a couple of days rest. I know he’s the lefty specialist but that whole game plan may have to be placed on hold while people heal and get some rest.

Jason Motte came in next, intending to get a four-out save. Instead, The Closer earned the win — he gave up a double to the first batter he faced, which scored two and gave the Padres a (temporary) lead. After that, he settled in and did his part to help out the defense with an impressive leaping nab.

But, after the game, he was even happier with Tyler Greene.

Very nice!

* Television Fun. Speaking of very nice, the television viewing audience got a nice treat Monday. Fox Sports Midwest was experiencing some technical difficulties. Because of these difficulties, Fox Sports decided to give the Midwest audience the Fox Sports San Diego broadcast. So instead of Dan and Ricky, Cardinals fans got to listen to Dick Enberg and former Cardinal Mark Sweeney. I can safely say it was nice, okay, VERY NICE, to get a different perspective than the same stories Al, Dan and Rick tell every single night. Sure, we got to hear Rick for a few innings. But he was easily cancelled out nicely by Enberg’s enthusiastic “Oh my!”‘s. Even an Enberg goof up was better than any goof up we’ve heard from our Three Musketeers! When Jason Motte entered the game, Enberg pronounced it “Mot-Tay.” Yes. Not Motte like Mott’s Applesauce … Mot-Tay. So if you happen to see me refer to The Closer as Mot-Tay, this will be why!

* LB Update. The news on Lance Berkman’s knee might not quite be as bad as first expected, but he still need surgery. Yesterday’s MRI showed he has a torn meniscus as well as torn cartilage. No ACL tear was found, but it might be stretched. Here’s the latest from Jenifer Langosch at Cardinals.com and Joe Strauss at STLToday.com. The LB Fan Club sends along our best!

* What’s Next? The Padres and Cards will play their second game of the series as Edison Volquez takes the mound for the Padres and Adam Wainwright looks to get back to his winning ways for the Cards. First pitch is at 7:15 p.m. Central at Busch.

Miranda Remaklus is lead St. Louis Cardinals contributor to Aaron Miles’ Fastball. She’s also senior reporter for Aerys Offsides in the NFL section. Follow her on Twitter, @missmiranda. 

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