Aaron Miles, Welcome To Twitter!

From time to time, our Aaron Miles’ Fastball Twitter or email accounts will get messages thinking that we are actually Aaron. Obviously we are not, and he wasn’t on Twitter … until now.

I happen to be Facebook friends with Aaron (not bragging, just saying) and saw a post this morning where he said he’d joined Twitter — find him at @AaronMiles5. Of course I immediately followed him from my own and the AMF accounts, and tweeted the news out.

A bit later this tweet appeared.

Don’t recall why he’s mentioning Skip? Did you forget that epic match-up from last August during the horrible three-game sweep by the Dodgers? Here’s a look back — complete with a mention from Al Hrabosky as to why our site has its name (and, Al, it’s five pitching performances, all as a Cardinal). And, of course, Aaron won that battle. “Got Heem” indeed.

As for the name of the site, we did have a suggestion last August about changing the name to Skip Schumaker’s Slider following that performance. But, nope — can’t do it. At least not until Skip catches up to Aaron’s pitching line.

Anyway, if you’re on Twitter, give him a follow. And, Aaron, sincere wishes that you make it back to the majors again. We’d love to see you on the pitcher’s mound — and in the field too, of course.

Also, everything said the other day was absolutely meant as a compliment!

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