Matheny Monday: Yes, We Just Need Pictures

It’s Monday. Yesterday’s Father’s Day fiasco is still dragging us all down. The Cardinals fell further behind the Reds in the NL Central standings by losing two of three over the weekend — they’re now five games back, and a full game behind the Pirates.

Solution? Pictures of our favorite Cardinals. Another Matheny Monday? Sure, plus more, direct from Tara’s awesome seats at Saturday’s game. (Thank you, Tara!)

Hopefully these will help you have a happier Monday …

Let’s start with the managerial highlight from Saturday: Angry Matheny.


The expression on this action shot of Kerwin Danley is awesome too.


Someone (hi, Laura!) has a Pinterest board where this will soon be pinned …


And one more manager shot for the moment:


Pre-game stretching always provides many photo opps, doesn’t it? And Matty had a pretty good day after this, to say the least.


Also with a good Saturday: Yadi and his high socks.


More Yadi.


Now, just for Miranda — and everyone else:


Later, Freeser looked like he could use a hug after his strikeout with the bases loaded.


For the Adam Wainwright fans (or Victor Marte fans — are you out there?)


Saturday’s game was a “jersey off their backs” fundraiser — just what everyone wants, right? The actual jersey a Cardinal has been wearing for more than 4 hours on a 95-degree day? (Well, OK, I wouldn’t turn one down.) Plus it provides for jersey-less, though not shirtless, pics.


Hello, Carlos!


Neither one of these guys looks very happy here …


Finally, I’m saving the best for last — the best to me, anyway.


Thank you, Tara, for all the great photos! Monday feels a little bit better now.

Tomorrow the Cardinals continue interleague play in Detroit, with our Wolf Pup Lance Lynn taking on Justin Verlander. Just what I love — a great pitching matchup. Game time is 6:05 p.m. Central.


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