Greene, Kelly Lead Cards Comeback On Marlins

What an amazing game!

And that’s an understatment.

The Cardinals beat the Marlins Monday night 8-7 in 10 innings.

Let’s just go ahead and discuss the ninth inning! Because, let’s be honest, it was amazing.

It was 6-2 Miami going into the inning. Heath Bell replaced Mike Dunn. Here’s what went down …

Rafael Furcal walks. Shane Robinson gets called out on strikes. Matt Holliday doubles, moving Furcal to third. Carlos Beltran singled to right, allowing Fucal to score. Allen Craig hit a sac fly to right, allowing Holliday to score. With Yadier Molina at the plate, Carlos Beltran took second on defensive indifference. And then Yadi knocked a homer to left field scoring Beltran.

That’s right, it’s 6-6!

The bottom of the ninth became head scratching. While the inning started out with Sam Freeman striking out Jose Reyes, things got a little weird from there when Mike Matheny replaced Freeman with Victor Marte. He also removed David Freese from the game, with Daniel Descalso moving from second to third and Tyler Greene taking over at second. Marte was supposed to be replacing Freese in the batting order.

But that’s not what Ozzie Guillen thought.

Ozzie had a big discussion with umpire Bob Davidson. Then Mike Matheny had a big discussion with Davidson and the other umpires. And all of a sudden Allen Craig was leaving the game — looking thoroughly confused about it too — and being replaced by Tony Cruz.

Yes, the backup catcher was coming in to play first base in a tie game.

It wasn’t until after the game that the situation became clear. Davidson was confused. He screwed up, not Matheny, and he admitted it.

Fox Sports Midwest had the audio of it, which they broadcast on the post-game complete with sub-titles. Check this out from our friend, Kelly, on Twitter:

Via @hawkelly

Yes, it was quite entertaining. But it didn’t really have an impact on the bottom of the ninth as the game remained tied at 6.

Let’s move on to the tenth!

Chad Gaudin replaced Heath Bell to bat fourth and replace Gaby Sanchez.

Dirty Dan popped out to Reyes. Tyler Greene singled … that’s right singled. Furcal hit a double and, as fast as he could, Tyler Greene trucked it from first to home. He was safe and it was 7-6. That’s right! A Cardinal lead!

Next, Shane Robinson grounds out. Then … Matt Holliday gets hit by a pitch. Carlos Beltran gets walked and Furcal moves to third. So the bases are loaded up and Joe Kelly … yes, the pitcher … comes to the plate to pinch hit for Victor Marte. Joe hit a single to Reyes but … wait for it … JOE BEAT THE THROW allowing Furcal to score and making it 8-6.

So they took an 8-6 lead going into the bottom of the tenth. The Closer, Jason Mot-tay, takes the mound. He, of course, tried to make things really more interesting than they should have been. In fact, Omar Infante scored the Marlins 7th run on a single by John Buck. So, Jason Motte had to be happy with that run scored thanks to Joe’s hit!

If you are wondering, Motte took to Twitter after the game to discuss it!

Four walks, one of which was intentional to Jose Reyes, lead to an awful seventh inning in which the Marlins scored, get this, four runs. It was big at the time, but thankfully everything worked out for a Cardinal winner.

Now I would like to introduce to you something new.

Picture this: Tyler Greene. Poet. Yes, my friends. Picture him in the locker room. White t-shirt and his Cardinal red shorts. Sitting in a chair. Legs crossed. Leather-bound notebook in hand. He is chewing on the end of his trusty pink pen.

That’s right, I think Tyler Greene is a secret poet. Here is a debut of something I found while sneaking a glance at his poetry journal:

As I round third, I fear being called a nerd. 

I slide in, is it enough for the win? 

Don’t be mean. I’m Tyler Greene. 

Here’s to another Cardinal win tonight, but let’s hope it’s a little less dramatic for our team. Kyle Lohse takes the mound for the Cards against Carlos Zambrano and the Marlins. Game time is 6:10 p.m. Central at Marlins Park.

Miranda Remaklus is lead St. Louis Cardinals contributor to Aaron Miles’ Fastball. She’s also lead writer at Aerys Offsides in the NFL section. Follow her on Twitter, @missmiranda. 

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