Cardinals, White Sox Announce All-Star Balloting Alliance

I don’t quite understand the reason for, or point to, this. If they need to team up with anyone, why not the Royals and make Jonathan Broxton an All-Star in his home park? But, whatever. I’ll just post the press release I received from the Cardinals.

The St. Louis Cardinals and the Chicago White Sox announced today that they are joining forces to urge fans to vote for Jake Peavy and David Freese for the All-Star Game in Kansas City. Both players are on the ballot for the 2012 All-Star Game Final Vote sponsored by Firestone underway through Thursday at 3 p.m.

“We are proud to join forces to urge our fans to vote to send Jake Peavy and David Freese to the 83rd All-Star Game,” said Jerry Reinsdorf, chairman of the White Sox, and William DeWitt III, president of the St. Louis Cardinals, in a joint statement announcing the Red, White & You ‘12 campaign alliance.

As part of the Final Vote, fans can vote to select the final player for each League’s 34-man roster. Fans can cast their votes from a list of five players from each League over the next few days and the winners will be announced after the voting concludes on Thursday, July 5th. Now in its eight year, fans again will be able to make their Final Vote selections on their mobile phones.

The alliance is the first for the two clubs who share some of the same geography, and whose fans have some common interests — particularly as it relates to a certain baseball rival. The unusual baseball alliance captured the attention of the governors of Missouri and Illinois, who are both big baseball fans. Each offered candidate endorsements tailored to walk the diplomatic fine line.

“Jake Peavy is one of the elite pitchers in the game,” said Pat Quinn, the governor of Illinois, “the American League needs to take Jake to Kansas City to battle a formidable National League team.”

“David Freese is a Missouri native and hometown hero who belongs at the All-Star Game in Kansas City,” said Jay Nixon, the governor of Missouri. “I urge fans to vote for David Freese Please”

Fans can still vote online at either the Cardinals web site (, the White Sox web site ( or by texting N2 for David Freese and A5 for Jake Peavy to 89269 until 3 p.m. Central Time Thursday, July 5.

Actually, here’s a link directly to the voting page if you want to vote online. David is currently in second place behind Chipper Jones. And, um, vote Peavy while you’re voting Freese! Jake is in second place as well. And #TakeJake is a pretty cool hashtag, as far as these corny All-Star ones go. Although nothing is obviously as good as #FreesePlease.


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