Another Day, Another Disappointment For Cardinals


That was my reaction on watching the ball hit by Anthony Rizzo of the Chicago Cubs sail over Matt Holliday into the left field bleachers this afternoon. The homer gave the Cubs a 4-2 win in 10 innings.

I didn’t see much of the game — only from the bottom of the eighth inning on, thanks to a family event this afternoon — but obviously I saw the most disappointing part of the game.

Poor Trevor Rosenthal.

Because, in looking at the box score, the Cardinals had plenty of chances — 10 runners left on base today. The pitching, up until the 10th, had been very good. Adam Wainwright gave up single runs in the first and second, then he and four other relievers held the Cubs scoreless.

Since I did miss the majority of the game, I asked for your one-tweet summary of it. Thanks for the responses, and here you go …






And, finally, to prove that even Cub fan tweet comments are welcome, I give you this:


(I was at my Cub-fan Mom’s house watching the end of the game … and even had to endure her singing “Go Cubs Go.” So a harmless tweet is nothing compared to that!)

On the plus side for the Cardinals, Carlos Beltran tied the game in the eighth with a solo home run — only his third of the month, with the two others coming last Sunday and Monday. And, as mentioned above by Gabe, Tyler Greene drove in the first Cards run. Hurray!

Barret Browning relieved Adam Wainwright, taking over in the seventh. And, with my poetry even getting published in Jesup, Ga., now (God bless the Internet), another poem … and another haiku.

Poem for the New Poet — July 29

First batter: an out.
Next one, a double to right.
A walk — time to leave.

Ah, well, so it goes, for Barret and for the Cardinals.

Tomorrow is an off day for the Cardinals, as they travel to Colorado to take on the Rockies for a three-game series starting Tuesday night. Which just gives us more time to dwell on what might have and should have been this weekend — and deal with all kinds of crazy trade rumors before Tuesday’s deadline.

Any thoughts on possible Cardinals trade moves (not involving Skip Schumaker and Chase Utley — that was false)?

Christine Coleman is the senior St. Louis Cardinals reporter for Aaron Miles’ Fastball. Follow her on Twitter, @CColeman802, or email Also follow @AMilesFastball for the latest updates.

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