What’s It Gonna Take?

Monday was an off day for our beloved Cardinals and with today’s 3 p.m. Central Time trade deadline looming, it was the perfect day to have a Twitter Question of the Day!

Monday’s question? What is it going to take for the Cardinals to win a World Series Championship in 2012?

Several took the question seriously and came up with some good answers. Some didn’t take it very seriously and honestly just stated the completely obvious. You’ll see what I mean. I even had a couple of responses from non-Cardinals fans that you might want to check out!

We’ll start things out with our friend Jeff stating the obvious!

Jeff G.: They just need to score more runs than the other guys.

Next up our friend Brent did a little violence promotion!

Brent R.: Only obvious solution is to sacrifice TPG by burning him at the stake.

I asked if there was possibly anything less violent he could suggest!

Brent R.: Top of my head: Furcal to be less streaky at the plate (seems hot or cold, not consistent). Old vet in Bullpen but Fuentes may be it.

Our friend Dennis also stated a little bit of the obvious. Points to Dennis for consistency though even after a try to get him to be a little serious!

Dennis L.: I believe that they will have to make the playoffs and win every playoff series. … I understand that they have 25 players on the active roster. Seems like the rest is just a matter of winning games

Here’s some more answers from our Twitter friends!

Stacy: It seems like everything is pretty much there, but never clicks at the same time… So, better timing? Sadly, I don’t think you can trade for that. A more veteran arm in the pen, but when you look at the actual talent, there’s not a glaring need. The biggest need is to get the starting pitching, relief pitching and offense going at the same time, CONSISTENTLY.  It’s like we are so close~ get it going for 3 or 4 games, but then fall apart or other teams just can’t lose.  I’m starting to think we need some sacrifice to the baseball gods is what’s needed, although our early injuries should suffice.

Mary S.:  I think better relief pitching would help. Maybe a possible trade involving Tyler Greene?

Teraesa: A bus ticket….for Tyler Greene.

Jeff M.: Furcal back on track, Craig in the lineup consistenly, a return to form of Garcia and Rzep.

Laura T.:  In ’06 & ’11 Cards barely got into the playoffs. In years when they won the division they ran out of steam. Not worried yet.

Jason S.: Yes, he’s a Detroit Tigers fan. divine intervention? A meteor? Armageddon?

Kim S.: Yes, she’s a San Francisco Giants fan.  to give Beltran back to the Giants.

Michael B.: Dedication and perseverance.  And maybe Cliff Lee.

C.T.: a strong lefty starter and some luck.

Fan 4 Life: Hit with Runners In Scoring Position on a more consistent basis.

Tara: Consistency. The complicated version includes pitching help (by trade, or in getting Garcia back at 100%), healthy, quality at bats, patience … all things this team has shown it is capable of doing. In fact, they can do it all quite well. But it’s going to take getting in “the zone,” sooner rather than later. … And, the Reds to stop playing so well! If the Cards win 7 of 8, they should gain ground!!

Chris: Consistency. To me it seems that simple, and obviously that difficult. But it irks me to no end when I look at the 2012 Cardinals page on Baseball Reference and see their real win/loss record and their Pythagorean win/loss record — because, based on that formula which takes into account runs scored (498 right now) and runs allowed (which is 404), they should be 61-41. And they’d be in first place in the Central, since the Reds Pythagorean record is 59-42. Instead, obviously, the Cardinals are 54-48 and in third. The talent is there. The ability is there when it comes to hitting and pitching, as the run differential shows. The execution on a day-to-day basis is not — or not now, anyway. They need to turn things around soon, though. Miraculous comebacks like last year’s, especially when that success also is tied into another team’s epic collapse, are pretty rare.


Miranda Remaklus is lead St. Louis Cardinals contributor to Aaron Miles’ Fastball in the MLB section. Follow her on Twitter, @missmiranda.

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