Cards Beat Pirates 5-4 … Finally!

It wasn’t pretty at the end. In fact, it was something that looked quite familiar if you are a Cardinals fan.

An awesome reliever, trying too hard to make things a little more exciting …

Yes, that’s right friends!

Jason Motte was doing his best impersonation of Ryan Franklin or Jason Isringhausen last night. Had it not been for him blowing a 1-0 lead a couple of nights ago, I might not be quite as relieved as I was after this win. But. Unfortunate as it is, I am so relieved Motte got back on track quickly and didn’t blow up … completely.

Motte not blowing up means the Cardinals didn’t lose a game in the Wild Card standings to the Pirates. This is wonderful news. The Cardinals are one game back of the Pirates in the standings. A half game back of the LA Dodgers in the Wild Card.

Lance Lynn and The ‘Pen: Lance Lynn was the started. He only pitched 4.1 innings. He gave up four hits, three earned runs and three walks. Not too good, Wolf Pup. But, striking out eight in that time frame … That? That’s good, Wolf Pup!

Barret Browning came in to pitch the rest of the fifth inning and part of the sixth. He struck out two. And got his first major league win.

I guess that deserves a poem, huh?

Barret earned his first win
You relieved Lynn
You made batters spin.
Congrats Barret on that first win!

Next up was Trevor Rosenthal. He pitched the final 2/3rds of the sixth. And he struck out one. We’ll have  a more on Trevor in a moment.

Edward Mujica pitched his seventh inning. Gave up one hit, but definitely got out of the inning.

Mitchell Boggs pitched a dandy in the eighth. He gave up two and struck out two.

And then Motte. OK … deep breaths kids!

Motte kind of jacked around in the ninth and got the bases loaded. Andrew McCutchen grounded into a force out to score Gaby Sanchez. And that was really the end of the dramatics. Well, partially anyway. Fans still held their breath as Motte struck out Garrett Jones and Josh Harrison grounded out.

But, Motte did get his 28th save for the season. Not bad!

Five Runs? Whoa!: Lemme break down how this happened for you!

In the first, Matty Carp singled to score Rafael Furcal. In the fourth, Suga Shane doubled to score David Freese and Yadi Molina. In the fifth inning, Yadi smacked a ground-rule double to score Furcal and Allen Craig.

Yay for runs! Whew!

Oh! Hi Skip!: Yeah… he made an appearance in the game. He was brought in to pinch hit for Rosenthal in the bottom of the sixth. But… his appearance was over before you even realized he was up to bat and could blink after mentioning it. He flew out to McCuthen. And that was that.

Rosenthal and Garcia: Trevor Rosenthal got sent back to Triple A Memphis to make room for the return of Jaime Garcia. Here’s a little more on that situation from’s Jenifer Langosch.

Today’s Game: Jeff Karstens takes the mound for the Pirates. Jaime Garcia will make his first start for the Cardinals since June 5. Good luck, Jaime! I have activated my air horn app just for you buddy!

Miranda Remaklus is lead St. Louis Cardinals contributor to Aaron Miles’ Fastball. She’s also lead writer at Aerys Offsides in the NFL section. Follow her on Twitter, @missmiranda

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