When All Is Said And Done, Where Will The Cards Land?

Our beloved St. Louis Cardinals are currently eight games back in the NL Central with a 65-56 record. They are in third place in the NL Central, behind the Cincinnati Reds and the Pittsburgh Pirates.

In the Wild Card standings, the Atlanta Braves hold the top spot with the Pirates maintaining a hold on the second wild card position. The LA Dodgers are a half game out of the second wild card spot and the Cards are 1.5 games back.

So, with about six weeks left in the season … what’s going to happen with our team? Do they still have a little of that 2011 magic in them? Can they make it 12 in 12? At least make the playoffs? Or are we doomed with first year manager Mike Matheny and … THAT BULLPEN!

Well, I took that question to my followers are on Twitter! Got some really interesting answers I would love to share with you! So sit back and enjoy.

Here we go!
@TheRedOne93 : 2nd in the Central – Wildcard winner #12in12.

@captainderp19: Forever the optimist, make the playoffs, of course!

@Laura_STL : they’ll take one of the wild cards but finish 2nd behind Cincy. I can’t believe the Bucs will sustain their pace.

@Tamara_Harumi I think they can do it!

@KimSherayko they are doomed! I like to call it the curse of Beltran

@MBerry69 they will finish in second and grab the second wild card because I believe #12in12.

@TheToddWashburn doomed. AAA bench, matheny, letgargic offense and damage BP has already done, lack of effective closer.

@sports_chick1 They must MUST win every series (2 of 3) from here on out. Not much room for bad baseball.

@maryschless That’s such a tough question. Our league is so hard to read. If they play well and everyone else implodes, the yes to playoffs.

@batgirl1954  playoffs. like the #rays, get no hit 1 gm, score 17 the next&make me want to pull my hair out&bake them cookies @ the same time

@cynicaltroll they’ll make playoffs, prolly second wildcard, but believe the bats will come around to support the pitching

@Palmerism I believe we had this exact same convo last year at this time. I’m going with – they will squeak into the wildcard spot.

@tarawellman Not doomed. BUT, they have some work to do. No reason they shouldn’t make the playoffs, but they have to win the close games.  Even with the Pirates playing well this year, there’s no good reason the Cards shouldn’t at least claim the 2nd WC spot. …but, as we all know, you don’t win games based on what SHOULD happen!

@CColeman802 With the Cardinals being just 1 1/2 games out of the wild card, I think they’ll be one of the two teams that makes it. Given the inconsistencies we’ve seen all season, I’m not necessarily sure how. But I’m not going to count them out with six weeks left to go.

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