Cards Lose But Finally Score

I know, buddy! I feel your pain. I, too, am sad the Cardinals lost to the National 8-1.

I had to add the kid, because unfortunately, I am full of bad news in the post!

Well, wait! Maybe not … The Cardinals FINALLY scored a run. After a two game drought. It was nice to see our guys finally, finally score a run.

So in the 8th inning, back-up-back-up catcher Bryan Anderson doubled to right field. Jon Jay reached on a throwing error by third baseman Ryan Zimmerman. Anderson scored and Jon Jay moved up to second. And that was it.


In the seventh inning, the Cardinals got some potentially really bad news.

Shortstop Rafael Furcal was throwing to third and looked into the dugout, pointing to his elbow.

A trainer came out with manager Mike Matheny. They had Furcal make a throw just to see if it was a minor thing. Well, it wasn’t. He came out immediately and Daniel Descalso replaced him defensively.

This situation doesn’t sound good at all, my friends. Here’s a tweet from Joe Strauss:

OK … together. Let’s take a deep breath. Torn UCL? Yes, this sounds horrible. Furcal’s season is likely done. But let’s not panic and call the Cardinals season over. Let’s wait and see what the MRI shows. And remember Furcal does have an excellent back-up in Dirty Dan.

Let’s talk about something else … Oh yeah, Jaime Garcia.

I fear he may have been brought back entirely too soon. Again, he got rattled and couldn’t seem to shake it off. In the first inning Jaime gave up a 2-run homer off the bat of rookie sensation Bryce Harper. And that was it. At times he simply couldn’t find the strike zone. It was really ugly. He did pitch 5.1 innings. He gave up nine hits and six earned runs, including two home runs. He surprisingly only walked two batters. And he was able to strike out two. He has an ERA of 4.52.

I don’t think it would be the worst thing in the world if Jaime got shut down a little longer. A huge investment was made by the organization in Garcia. The team needs to take care of him and make sure he’s mentally set to pitch. For now, he is still completely inconsistent and it is frustrating to watch.

Lance Lynn didn’t exactly help his cause to return to the starting line up tonight, however. He pitched the seventh inning. He gave up two hits, two walks and two earned runs. And check this out … Lynn also struck out two!

Another negative from this game? Edwin Jackson. Yeah, remember him!! Mister Inconsistent-as-they-come for the Cardinals? The Cardinals made him look like Cy Young. Well, ok, I’m obviously exaggerating. But E-Jax pitched eight innings, gave up four hits, two walks and one run. And … I hope you are seated and have zero beverage in your mouth … He struck out 10. That’s right, 10. Ridiculous. Completely ridiculous.

Today’s a new day. Adam Wainwright takes the mound against Nats hurler Gio Gonzalez. Let’s hope for plenty of runs to help Waino get his 14th victory of the season. Let’s hope the news on Furcal isn’t horrible. Let’s hope the Cardinals get back to their winning ways.

It’s not over yet, friends!

Let’s Go Cardinals!

Miranda Remaklus is lead St. Louis Cardinals contributor to Aaron Miles’ Fastball. She’s also lead writer at Aerys Offsides in the NFL section. Follow her on Twitter, @missmiranda. 

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