Molina Monday: Honoring Our August BAMF

August has already come and gone, and the Cardinals had a good month with a record of 16-13.

Part of the reason for that success: Yadier Molina and his hitting .403/.443/.545. In his 22 games for the month, he had 31 hits including eight doubles, a homer, 11 RBI and — in case you’ve forgotten — three stolen bases. Yet he also endured quite a rough month physically, dealing with back stiffness, a sore ankle and, as we clearly remember, last Tuesday’s home plate collision that resulted in shoulder and neck pain.

Can you imagine how much better he could have done without being banged up?

Yet playing through pain just adds to Yadi’s BAMF-ness, which is why he earns our honors for August.

So, in tribute, it’s a Molina Monday on this Labor Day. Enjoy!










After a day off yesterday, Yadi will most likely be working on this holiday. Game time against the Mets is 1:15 p.m.



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