Carpenter: Too Soon Or Right On Time?

Friday is a big day for the St. Louis Cardinals and their fans.

Want to know why?

It will be Carp Day! Yes, it will be the first start of the season for Chris Carpenter, who many believed would actually not make a start this season … let alone again.

Carpenter underwent surgery in July to relieve nerve compression that resulted in numbness on much of the right side of his body. The procedure was thought to be season-ending. But the ace made four simulated starts recently without any incident, and is set to join the rotation as the Cards make a playoff push.

So the Twitter Question of the Day posed yesterday inquired whether Carpenter was coming back to soon off a surgery that found him one rib less. Or would he be just the jolt the fans and teammates need to see on the field to give them that motivation to push through to the playoffs?

The answer was pretty much the same for everyone! It’s time for Carp to be back!

Sit back, relax and check out some of the answers! Enjoy!

Chris: With anyone else, I would be worried the guy was coming back too soon. But not with Chris Carpenter. He definitely can be the jolt they need over these final 15 regular season games (and hopefully beyond those into October). Just the fact he’s worked himself back to starting on Friday is proof enough of how much pitching this season means to him. And, especially when you look at the crowd that gathered to watch his first simulated game, the rest of the team certainly seems to respect him as well — which hopefully means the play on the field will pick up now too.

Tara: He’ll be a jolt, no doubt. I just hope his body is as ready as his mind. But it’s Carp … he’ll muscle through it and get something done! Just having him back out there, though, is sure to bring some new energy. Just look at how many teammates came out to watch his simulated sessions! They care about having him on the mound. And he’s going to do his best to pick up right where he left off last season! No matter how you look at it, this is a VERY good thing.

Mary: I trust Carp and the staff to know if he’s ready. I think he could be a game changer in the last few weeks of the regular season.

Stacy: I’m on the side of hopefully he provides the jolt the Cards need to get the boys going on a tear into the playoffs. I don’t think Carp would come back this season if he didn’t think he could contribute or he thought there was a significant risk. From what I understand, the surgery wasn’t structural (well, other than losing a rib!) No moving ligaments, etc. So once the trauma from surgery healed (like where a rib used to be!) It was just getting everything going again. Lord knows Carp is in shape, so once he could re-build strength & get command of pitches back, he should be fine. Of course, I’m not a doctor & I haven’t stayed at a Holiday Inn Express since Spring Training back in March.

Kelly:  I don’t think Carp would be back if he wasn’t ready. And the Cardinals wouldn’t let him pitch if he wasn’t ready.

Laura:  I think both he and the Cards need this. You can tell it’s been killing him to stand by & watch. He wants in the game.

Daniel: Don’t think Carp is returning too early. That kind of motivation and dedication has to be inspiring, right? Sure hope so!

Caity:   I think he’s coming back too soon. But at the same time, I think it’ll help the team.

Matt: The jolt they need!

Emily:  I hope it’s the latter.

Jeff G.: We don’t know but my guess is the latter.

Jeff M.:  I think Carp knows his body well enough – I trust his judgement, and YES the Cards need a boost!!

Freddy: I’m trusting one of the most mature pitchers (his smack talk aside) to make a great decision on whether/not to comeback

Paul Tedford: He is the jolt … We all hope


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