Cardinal Love Letter: Lance Lynn

Dear Lance,

Just wanted to check in, see how you’re feeling today. Big day, of course, with a chance to be part of something very special tonight.

I know that things were a little rough last Sunday, but it’s encouraging to see that you know “you’ve got to go out and execute and do what you’re supposed to do” — because those words make me think of Chris Carpenter. And it’s been good to read of his influence on you, which should help you tonight.

Everything fell into place perfectly last night, didn’t it? The Clydesdales being at Busch is always so cool, although nothing can ever top Stan Musial being there. It was disappointing that FOX couldn’t even spare 30 seconds to show us any of it, what with all the Yankees and A-Rod news that had to be discussed and discussed and discussed, but at least came through for the rest of us who weren’t there and allowed us to experience what you got to see at the ballpark.

Then there was the game. Adam Wainwright pitching like himself again — so, so good to see. All the hitting! What a welcome sight that every starter had a hit after the way things had been in the first three games. Plus the two RBI each from Jon Jay and Matt Holliday and Yadi, and seeing how fired up Yadi was about everything. Awesome! And coming through like he did had to especially gratifying for Matt, given what he’s going through right now with his family. A good reminder to all of us that there really are more important things than baseball.

But that’s all in the past now. It’s a new day, Game Five is tonight and all any of us really can think about is winning and how great that would be. Which, obviously, is so very true. Sure, some fans have already spoken out about how they don’t trust you and don’t want you out there starting. But you know what, Wolf Pup? Your manager has faith in you. Your team has faith in you. And that’s enough for me. We’ve watched you succeed again and again throughout the season, both early on and again in September.

Not that tonight will be easy. No game ever is a guaranteed win — and sometimes no series ever is, despite a lead your team might have.

Not that you should be thinking about any of that. Actually, I have no suggestions on what you should be thinking about — except to tell you just listen to Carp and listen to Waino and let their experience guide you.

And then just go out and do your thing, and do it like you know you’re capable of.

Best of luck to you tonight, Wolfie, for calmness and focus on top of everything else. I’m very much looking forward to watching you come through.


P.S. Tell Daniel Descalso happy birthday! Maybe Tim McCarver can finally figure out the correct way to pronounce his name as a special birthday treat.

Christine Coleman is the senior St. Louis Cardinals reporter for Aaron Miles’ Fastball. Follow her on Twitter, @CColeman802, or email Also follow @AMilesFastball for the latest updates.


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