Not Much To Say About The Cardinals In Game Five

Game Five was awful.

Well, if I wanted to be charitable, I’d say it was a great game by the Giants. Obviously no one expected that from Barry Zito and everything was definitely going their way all night.

But who wants to be charitable?

(This Giants fan did about Cards fans at Busch Stadium, though.)

The fact is all Cardinals fans are going to think what they want about the game — the naysayers will continue having a field day going over every single thing that was done wrong (and there were plenty, so who can blame them), starting with Lance Lynn making the start, while the optimistic ones will look forward to tomorrow afternoon and Chris Carpenter attempting to rebound from his terrible outing in Game Two and the Cardinals winning Game Six.

Two bright spots from last night, once again, were Joe Kelly and Trevor Rosenthal. The kids continued to shine, with Joe going 1 1/3 scoreless innings and allowing just one hit while Trevor pitched two hitless innings and struck out four. He now has 11 Ks in 6 2/3 October innings.

So, yes, tomorrow afternoon is Game Six in San Francisco with Chris Carpenter and Ryan Vogelsong pitching. Game time is 6:30 p.m Central on FOX.

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