If Loving Him Is Wong, I Don’t Wanna Be Right!

So where are you going to be Saturday night around 7 p.m.?

In front of your TV watching the MLB Network’s presentation of the Arizona Fall League’s Military Appreciation Night.

Why would you want to do that instead of, say, going out with friends or to a movie?

Because one of the two teams in that Arizona Fall League game will be the Surprise Saguaros.

And who plays for the Surprise Saguaros? Kolten Wong.

This is Kolten Wong the day he was drafted.  Clip and save.  You’ll thank me later.

Yes, Kolten Wong, the future of second base for our Favored Nine. He’s currently hitting .329 with an OPS of .733, mostly singles, but he did make the Rising Stars Game last Saturday.

But that’s not all!

Why, you might see Mike O’Neill and Colin Walsh, and maybe, just maybe, if you’re really good, Seth Blair or Boone Whiting, both of whom have been solid in Arizona, will pitch for us.

So, are you set? Will you join the rest of Cardinals Nation in front of your TV watching The Wong Saturday night?

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