Winter Warm-Up Interviews: Day One

We’re happy to be here too, Carp.

It’s an unseasonally warm day in St Louis today, so of course that makes everyone think of baseball. Fitting, then, that the Winter Warm-Up is this weekend. It was fairly warm last year, too.

This year we’re going to do things a little differently and throw everything together in one post per day. Here we go.

Adron Chambers:

“More than throwing and hitting, it’s an attitude you bring to the field every day…..The only competition is myself. If I can go out there and hit a baseball, I don’t have to worry how far Pujols can hit his.”

“I’m working on things I can control.”

“It’s the Cardinals year to decide if they want to keep me or not…the biggest year yet.”

“I’m going to be a lot faster, a lot stronger….hopefully get a long more interviews.”

John Mozeliak:

“The reason for [the lack of off season movement] is the depth of our club…Lots of questions are answered through our Minor League system.”

“As we move closer to Jupiter, we’ll look at…new ways to improve the team.”

“I think right now depth is our asset.”

“I think our club is going to work off its strengths and keep moving off that.”

Regarding Daniel Descalso at second base:

“I see it as his job to lose.”

Regarding Adam Wainwright:

“It’s exciting to think he may have a higher gear.”

Chris Carpenter:

“I haven’t had any issues in my throwing this year…But I got a little anxious and started throwing earlier than I normally do…[started] first week of December [which is] about a month early.”

“I’m excited about the way I feel…but I won’t take the ball unless I feel ready.”

“I just want to go out and be normal and pitch.”

“I’m excited about the quality of young players in this organization.”

“You’re always looking for competition to elevate your game a little bit….I’d better be ready.”

Matt Adams and Marc Rzepczynski have both dropped 10-15lbs this off season, and both seem excited to get started. Adams said:

“I’ve gotta continue to go out there and do what I’ve gotta do.”

Check back tomorrow for more Cardinals quotes and updates!

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