Cardinals Throwback Thursday: A Look At Stan Musial

With the passing of St. Louis Cardinals legend Stan Musial on Saturday, the tributes have been many — from Cardinals and baseball fans, players and the sports media in general. And with his public visitation tonight and funeral on Saturday, they will rightfully continue.

So it was only fitting to find a video of Stan The Man for this Throwback Thursday. His final at-bat was already featured about a month ago, so the quest was to find something else.

Of course there were plenty of choices, but this video from what looks like the mid-1990s or so (judging from the clips of players included) is great — and includes some Stan harmonica playing along with an interview.


For a look at the tributes from other United Cardinal Blogger members, click here. And one thing I’ve loved all week long are the photos that Mark Tomasik at RetroSimba is posting of Stan daily for six days — check those out here.

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