United Cardinal Bloggers Annual: Sneak Peek

The news from John Mozeliak and the Cardinals yesterday no doubt left you, as it did me, remembering the legacy that is Chris Carpenter. The highs, the lows, the masterful Octobers. Of course, the leadership he brings to the team is second to none. Without question, whether or not he pitches again, his legacy in St. Louis is more than secured.

If yesterday’s news left you as nostalgic as it did me, then I have the perfect thing for you. Christine and I recently had the privilege of being part of this great project: The 2013 United Cardinal Bloggers Annual. We each wrote a piece about two very important players in the 2013 season. One of those players was Chris Carpenter.

Today, we’re giving you a special sneak peek at both pieces.

Adding to “The Legend of Chris Carpenter”
by Christine Coleman

As you flip through “The Legend of Chris Carpenter,” you’ll notice the elements that make any story a compelling read. Sure, there are chapters on his high school days excelling at both hockey and baseball in New Hampshire, as well as the start of his professional baseball career in 1994 and the six seasons as a Toronto Blue Jay. But those chapters basically serve as a prologue.

“The Legend of Chris Carpenter” doesn’t really begin until he arrives in St. Louis.

Those chapters provide quite the page-turner: good times and one-hitters and a Cy Young Award (and a coulda-been-second one) plus of course two World Series championships, combined with bad days and shoulder problems and elbow issues, Tommy John surgery and seasons (plural) lost to injury. Plus a role in that brawl in Cincinnati.

Then there’s the 2011 chapter, an up-and-down-and-ultimately triumphant tale all its own that includes Carpenter’s role as one of the team leaders who spoke at the famous team meeting on Aug. 25 that started the Cardinals charge to the wild card, his two-hit shutout in Game 162, winning the showdown for the ages against his BFF Roy Halladay in Game Five of the National League Division Series, starting three games in the World Series including Game Seven on three days’ rest …

After all that, did this legendary tale really need more dramatics?

Yes, said the baseball gods. Yes it did.

And thus we arrive at Chris Carpenter’s 2012 season.

Don’t pretend you don’t want to read the rest, especially now!

And, here’s a look at the other AMF-representation in the Annual:

Adventures of the Amazing Whacker Guy
By Tara Wellman
It had been six long months since the city of St. Louis had seen its latest superhero save the day and seal the championship. But, that final battle had done a number on the Amazing Whacker Guy. He had fought bravely,

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