Shelby Shoulders Responsibility?

Shelby Miller


It’s something Cardinals fans have a hard time with occasionally.

Shhh… It’s OK. I’m quite guilty of it myself.

So, when word came this week that Shelby Miller was going to be sidelined with tightness in his throwing arm, I know many of you were feeling the stress of it.

What does this mean for a pitching staff we already have so many questions about? Are we ready to use all of our young guys? Where is Kyle Lohse?

First off, K-Lo? I think the longer he goes unsigned, the worse for the team he eventually does sign with. Remember. Scott Boras is his agent. He simply isn’t getting much attention. Nobody wants him. But don’t for one second think this means he and Boras would give the Cardinals a hometown discount … Just cuz.

If we were guaranteed K-Lo of last year, that’s nice. Remember K-Lo before last season? It was a miracle for Kyle. I remember your eye rolls and groans when he was scheduled to pitch. Don’t lie!

The current pitching staff plus the use of all the young guys? Yes. I’m exaggerating. They won’t have to use ALL of the young guys. Jaime Garcia seems to be throwing better than my anticipation. Jake Westbrook and Lance Lynn are trim and ready to go win their starting roles. Waino … well … he is Adam Wainwright. Enough said!

Trevor Rosenthal, Shelby Miller and Joe Kelly were thought to be the possibilities to win the fifth starter role. Trevor and Joe both pitched excellent in the clutch of last season. Once Shelby got his head together last season, he pitched well too.

Remember, last season for Shelby was spent hanging out in Memphis. He was shut down for most of the time due to throwing pretty inconsistently. He wasn’t really talkative about what was going on. Once he got his head together, he started throwing well again. Well enough to get brought up to St. Louis when the starting rotation needed some help in September.

He got to come to St. Louis and help the big club get to within a win of the World Series. I’d venture to say Shelby doesn’t want to risk not being in a position to be with the big club after tasting that success. I’m certain that served as excellent motivation for this young man. He is going to say when he’s feeling a little stiff after throwing.

He will say when he isn’t feeling right.

It’s time that we start trusting Shelby Miller to be responsible for that arm. Especially when he is displaying that honesty at such an early point in the season.

According to the Post-Dispatch:

“This is more precautionary than anything,” Miller said. “I told them my shoulder was a little sore. They said, ‘Take a day off from throwing and see where it goes.’”

Miller said his shoulder did not hurt when he pitched, nor when he played catch Tuesday. The discomfort in question came after any activity. He was prescribed some anti-inflammatory medicine, and he spent time Wednesday receiving treatment that involved a stretching regimen for his shoulder.

He finished his day with a workout in the team’s weight room.


Cleared to play catch [Thursday] — on flat ground, about 120 feet, normal stuff — Miller could then return to the mound for a bullpen session or live batting practice as early as [today].

See? A fan base went from potentially having a major panic attack regarding Miller earlier in the week to feeling calm and … get this …  trusting him to tell the coaching staff what is up, helping him loosen up and be ready to go. Not allowing himself to get seriously hurt.

How about that?

Yes, being skeptical is part of the fun of the game but I am glad that Shelby is more open and honest in showing responsibility for that arm! Good on you Shelby!

Play Ball!

Grapefruit League action kicks off for the Cardinals on Saturday in Jupiter against the Marlins. Since the Cards and Marlins share Roger Dean Stadium, the Marlins will be the home team in this game. First pitch is at about noon central time. The Cards will take on the Red Sox on Sunday at noon central in Jupiter.

Miranda Remaklus is a contributor to Aaron Miles’ Fastball. She’s also lead writer at Aerys Offsides. Follow her on Twitter, @missmiranda.

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