Wait, What? Wacha and Taveras

It’s Spring and everyone is looking to the future. Maybe some of you are looking past it. I mean WAY past it!

Michael Wacha is 21 years old. He’s only played professional ball not even a full year. Not even one-third of a season.

This is what he did last season in 11 games:

wacha springfield

And here is what he has done in just a couple of games this spring training:

wacha ST

Michael Wacha

Very nice stats. Seriously. But … this is a very low sample. In fact. It’s far too low a sample to call him the second coming of Bob Gibson or whatever you fan boys are calling him these days!

Michael Wacha is going to be awesome. I totally believe it. But … ummm… lets let him pitch a little more in the minors and get what it’s like in the majors under his belt and cleats. You know, we have Adam Wainwright, Jaime Garcia, Jake Westbrook, Lance Lynn and either Shelby Miller, Joe Kelly and Trevor Rosenthal.

… We have a pretty good rotation, Cardinals fan buddies!

Let’s not sell off the farm and anoint Wacha (Wacha) as the chosen one to replace Waino and Carp. Because some of you are. Let’s relax… let him get some work in. And maybe we will see him later this season or maybe next season. Let’s let him be … Michael Wacha for goodness sake!

And now let’s talk Oscar Taveras.

Take a look at his stats this spring training and the last couple of years in the minors:

OTav stats

Well. He is just full of awesome. Right, friends?

Oscar Taveras

I actually hope we get to see him this season. Maybe even start his season at St. Louis. I know… totally not like me. BUT! Matt Holliday and Carlos Beltran aren’t young. *looks at their ages and then mine, and softly cries* …. Point being! We do need some outfield depth. And what better depth than Oscar!

I do get this feeling that GM John Mozeliak doesn’t agree with this sentiment and will let Oscar stay in Memphis for most of this season. We will probably see him as soon as someone in the outfield goes on the DL. Yeah. That sucks. But it probably will happen.

And and and… let’s let Oscar be Oscar. OK!? I don’t want to hear him being called the second coming of That One Guy. No. Thanks. I hope Oscar is better than That Guy. I actually think he has the potential to be better than That Guy. Let’s let him be that for us.

Cardinals fans! He deserves that from us!

We have a bright bright future, friends! Michael Wacha and Oscar Taveras are going to be our favorites. For years to come. Let’s let them be. Let’s not rush things.

Baseball is a fun, relaxing game to watch. Let’s remember that, OK!


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