On This Cardinals Day Off …

As the St. Louis Cardinals enjoy their first of three days off during spring training 2013, just one request for all of us who are fans of the team.


So many stressed out Cards fans these days, especially over shortstop. (Not that this provides any solution, but this was interesting.) I do agree — the options are not good. But, really, Colorado is not going to trade Troy Tulowitzki for Matt Adams straight up — no matter what those on Twitter say. And why not just trust Mo and Matheny to make the right decisions? Isn’t that their job?

Then there are those who live and mostly die with every pitch during spring training, sure that terrible things are ahead because of how things go in any particular game. Plus there’s the more positive hysteria (is that possible?) of wanting to be sure Oscar and Wacha make the team right now because the team will certainly be doomed without them.

It’s still 27 days until Opening Day. Just under four weeks — meaning quite a while still.



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