Cardinals Lose On National Haiku Day

This might be a first: I learned something from Jim Hayes on Fox Sports Midwest last night. Even more amazing is that it was about poetry — specifically that yesterday was National Haiku Day.

Cardinals haikuThe three of us here at Aaron Miles’ Fastball have stretched our creativity into poetry from time to time, going back to the Miguel Batista days when every appearance by The Poet resulted in some kind of verse to honor his (mostly bad) appearances. Last year Barret Browning’s lyrical name prompted the same response. And, exactly two weeks ago, I felt inspired to capture the saga of the 16-inning loss in poetry — haiku, no less.

So since yesterday was National Haiku Day, there’s no option but another creative work on last night’s Cardinals loss to the Pirates. (At least it’s not a love poem to a certain Pirate who shall remain nameless — even though love poems to Cardinals have also been written here.)

Cardinals vs. Pirates On National Haiku Day

A beautiful night.
Beautiful PNC Park.
Always picturesque.

Young Shelby Miller,
Cards talented young rookie,
Takes the mound for us.

Pirates have their ace,
A.J. Burnett, looking for
his first win this year.

strikeouts for A.J. to start.
Will he get two more?

Jon Jay leading off
Quickly gives him one more K.
Uh oh, that’s not good.

M. Carp, Holliday —
they both have infield groundouts.
No record K yet.

Shelby takes the mound.
Starling Marte then triples.
Uh oh, that’s not good.

And then a run scored.
Though M. Carp tried to field it,
ball was out of reach.

McCutchen DP?
That doesn’t happen often.
End of one, 1-0.

Carlos Beltran up.
Called strike three, that’s it.
Strikeout 2,000.

(Though we didn’t know
Carlos would get his revenge
later in the game …)

Pitching took over.
Shelby retired 15
and then Cutch singled.

A walk, a single —
Pirates score another run
2-0 in the sixth.

The Cards had no hits
as the seventh began play.
First two, outs as well.

And then Beltran up —
at last, it was a double!
Cardinals fans rejoiced.

But it was short-lived.
Things got a little sloppy
with the Pirates up.

Rosenthal in now
Hit, sacrifice, hit, error.
Uh oh, that’s not good.

Pirates score one more.
Top of eight: three up, three down.
Bottom eight: more runs.

Cutch singled, Choate in.
Double, ground-out, single. Ouch.
Two more for Pirates.

Yet Salas came in
and retired his one man.
That is good progress.

Top of nine, fly out
and strike out. Why change pitchers?
That was an odd one.

Wigginton K? Yes.
Game over, Pirates win it.
Series is a split.


Tonight the Cardinals begin a series on the other side of Pennsylvania, taking on the Phillies for the next four. Game time is 6:05 p.m. with Adam Wainwright following up his tremendous start last time out by taking on Cole Hamels.

Christine Coleman is the lead St. Louis Cardinals reporter for Aaron Miles’ Fastball. Follow her on Twitter, @CColeman802, or email Also follow @AMilesFastball for the latest updates.

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