Cardinals Magazine Debuts Digital Edition

The St. Louis Cardinals announced that fans can now enjoy Cardinals Magazine as an electronic publication on a variety of computer and mobile device platforms.

201304_cover_250x325“While we’ve enjoyed tremendous loyalty and continued growth in circulation among our print readers, we also want to meet the demands of fans that prefer to read about the Cardinals on their electronic devices,” said Steve Zesch, director of publications and publisher of Cardinals Magazine. “Our goal each issue is to provide the widest variety of content on all things Cardinal, and our ability to now deliver it via a downloadable edition that can be enjoyed on a range of electronic devices makes perfect sense.”

Cardinals Magazine, which marked its 21st anniversary this spring, may be downloaded on Mac and PC computers as well as a variety of popular mobile device platforms including Android-based tablets and smart phones and Apple’s iPhone and iPad devices.

The Cardinals are just the fifth team in Major League Baseball to offer a digital publication. The Yankees, Dodgers and Rockies have electronic magazines that complement their print editions, with the Braves publishing a digital-only magazine.

“One thing that’s made Cardinals Magazine so popular is the substance you get with each issue – we load it up with one-of-a-kind content so that each issue feels like a keepsake souvenir,” Zesch said. “Our mission is simple: provide the definitive word on each story we cover, with the highest-quality presentation possible. As the electronic edition evolves, we’ll be adding extras that take advantage of the digital platform, such as bonus video and audio, picture galleries and a wealth of other material drawn from the extensive resources the Cardinals have to offer.”

Cardinals Magazine has provided fans behind-the-scenes access and the most authoritative, comprehensive look at team history since its first issue in April 1992. Published monthly during the baseball season and once during the offseason, the magazine is available via a digital subscription for $25 (seven issues), with single copies $5 each. Fans can learn more about subscribing to the magazine at  Join the conversation with #CardsMag.

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