Cards Vs. Rockies: ‘Oh Shut It, Al’ Edition

It’s a new series. With a team the Cardinals have yet to play this season. Meaning we will be inundated with a bunch of new material our favorite FoxSports Midwest broadcasters will use and abuse our ears with. So in between celebrating Mother’s Day with our favorite Momma’s, we will be throwing our remotes, random pieces of newspaper, all  in failed effort to get Al Hrabosky to shut up.

So! What are some items we could grow tired of this weekend? Let’s see…

* Humidor Talk. OK, so it might not be as prevalent as they are playing in St. Louis this time around. But, I have zero doubt it gets brought up. Just for your clarification, I looked up a little something on Coors Field, it’s former reputation as a “home run friendly” ball park and the Humidor.

Per “source” Wikipedia: “Prior to the 2002 baseball season, studies determined that it was more the dry air rather than thin air which contributed to the more frequent home runs. It was found that baseballs stored in drier air are harder and therefore more elastic to the impact of the bat. A room-sized humidor was installed in which to store the baseballs, and since its introduction the number of home runs at Coors Field has decreased and is now nearly the same as other parks.”

You see, this was done in 2002. That’s over 10 years now. Yet! Al will bring it up and talk about it like it’s some new concept every season. It will be brought up at some point this weekend, I guarantee it. I also guarantee that you shouldn’t make a drinking game of it. You’ll be tipsy by the end of the first inning!

* Todd Helton. Helton is in the final year of his contract. He is 39. This will probably be the last time we see Helton. Which I actually have zero sadness about! Helton is kind of good at baseball. He has a .320 lifetime average and 356 home runs in a major league career which began with the Rockies in 1997.

* Will David Freese Break That Homer Slump? Yeah. I know. This has been a topic Al and Dan and Ricky have been on for a while. But. For the first time in a while, Freesey might have a good chance at breaking that slump tonight against Jon Garland. Per, he is 3 for 5 against Garland for his career. Yessss!

Here’s hoping Freesey hits a homer and quiet downs some of the upset folks!

* Adam Ottavino. Remember that name? A former number 1 draft pick for the Cardinals, he was a prized prospect for some time and then… it went kaput. Per Rick Hummel of the Post-Dispatch, Ottavino “hadn’t allowed an earned run in his last 10 2/3 innings for the Rockies and was holding righthanded hitters to a .147 average before Thursday.”

* Rafael Betancourt and Edward Mujica have this in common! Rockies closer Rafael Betancourt and Cardinals’ Edward Mujica are each nine for nine in save opportunities. Over under on how many times that juicy little stat gets mentioned in late innings?

These are just a handful of the hot topics I think we will tire of this weekend. Did I miss anything? Care to share a drinking game for any of these? Add your over/under thoughts? Comment below!

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3 thoughts on “Cards Vs. Rockies: ‘Oh Shut It, Al’ Edition

  1. Can “Oh, Shut it, Al” be a regular feature? It’s such a rich goldmine of fail, our Al Hrabosky.

    • I would like it if “Oh, Shut It, Al” was indeed a regular feature — one that Fox Sports Midwest put in place. Last night I’d reached my fill after Shelby had thrown the third pitch of the game.

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